Post Apocalyptic Home Sweet Home

Floating objects and blue shadows. FUCK!

i expected motley crue

You can use toggle shadow tool to get rid of the source stock shadows.

Okay, good, but the only flaw is the fact that it’s snowing inside… or am I mistaken?

May I ask what model that is on the very far right? The male_09?

Excellent picture, by the way, really good.

It’s from the Mod Get a Life. Half Dead made a three part pack available on

They’re dust particles, I think.

It looks like Metro 2033.

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But still good.

I like it, very calm.

This is probably one of the best “Post-Apocolypse” themed pictures I’ve seen so far. It’s not just some generic shot of guys in gas masks in a desert, it’s about ordinary folk, which makes it hit an emotional chord much better. I feel more drawn in to the implied story that the picture tells-you wonder what it’s like for those children playing to live in this kind of situation, and you’re happy to see that despite everything that’s happening, they can still find joy in simple things.

I could go on, but I doubt the average FPer has the attention span for it…that said, it’s a wonderful picture and I applaud you for it.

Thanks man. Thank you all.

Dat ass.

Love the atmosphere.

As someone else said the dust particles are a tad big. Might resemble snow to some, lol
Other than that I have to little things I’m picky about. The basketball is oddly bright and bottom looks flat or as though it’s been put into the shelf. (No collide?)
Second is the lamp shining down in the backbround. It comes down in quite a straight beam. I dunno, just seems like it’d reflect a bit more and not be solid of a cone shape.

This was all in game and the dust and light were part of the map.



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This map if you want to see for yourself.

Ok I believed.

Really nice posing and atmosphere. The angle is nice too.

Kind of a metro2033… not bad