Post-Apocalyptic Reference Photos

Working on a post-apocalyptic map of some sort and need ideas? I got you covered.

As I love the genre itself, from time to time I’ll post pictures, concept arts and designs of post-apocalyptic environments that should hopefully inspire the creativity in you. I hope other posters will do the same for any awesome pictures they have come across.

For starters, here’s some concept art made for The Book of Eli:

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Stills from The Road:[/t]



Concepts are not reference photos.

They can be a source of inspiration and that’s what I’m going for in this thread.

Ok then, here’s a lot of images.

Thanks for the thought : )

Yeah, it seemed like a good idea in theory…

Sorry for making a shit thread, everyone

Useful thread. Hardly as if the mapping section is going to reach “full” level, anyhow.

No dude it’s not, I really like these photos. Thanks!

Fallout NV Concepts.

Those are really great. Thanks Antec!

No worries, Ill see if I can get some more. The fallout series has good concept art.

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since this has more or less turned into a post apoc-concept thread i might as well provide some…

mind you…: some of these are actually re creatable in source!

I recognize some concepts from The Last of Us! Going to be an awesome game I say.

Should we maybe merge this into the other reference photo thread?

Just as a reminder.

I did post this a while back if someone wants some good reference photos. (Just in general)

Before I read OP I was going to comment that it looked a whole lot like Book of Eli. I love the San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, one.

Just thought i would add this one…the infamous concept art that the government found al-kieda using as their vision of america.