Post apocalyptic SUV

I randomly started making some front of a car and it turned into a post apocalyptic SUV

Updated pictures in the bottom of this post

Parented props: 299
Props total: 307
Build time: About 6 hours, update took about an hour so 7 hours total
Test time: Infinite :smiley:
Seats: 4

Engine sound with gears
Realistic steering
Friggin’ tall
Friggin’ long

Filled wheel wells
New rear
Straight pipes by the windshield

Lots of pictures:[/media]





Updated pictures:





i like everything except the rear

front is hot

I know the rear fails… it started to fail at saving in adv dupe so I had to finish it quickly.

Love your rear butler

anyway, freaken nice from the side

Front is gorgeous. The front of a car is like the tits, and those are great tits.

And I love great tits.

thx babe

that is fucking AWESOME. i love the front. the whole thing just screams meaty. best thing i’ve seen in the contraptions section in a damn long time.


oh, just a few things, make your A pillars straight and fill the wheel wells. then it’ll be perfect.


you should make the roof narrower than the rest of the car though, you know? like make the pillars slanted inwards a bit


oh gross you’re an anime fan

Nice. One question:
What inspired you? When I want to build something, I start but never finish due to lack of inspiration.

well the post apocalyptic theme is inspired by Fallout 3 I think and I got motivation to finish it because I wanted a car like this :stuck_out_tongue: simple as that :smiley:

Looks like new camaro combined with a suv. Cool ^^

I drove this it owns

Damn, I need to start making some apocalypse stuff, this looks fun. SUV = awesome

Why’s that post rated dumb?
Anyway… yes it kinda does but the front also looks a bit like a Carbon E7

what the hell is that awesome cop car

It’s a Carbon E7 :]

It’s not “Post-Apoc” until it’s fitted with a fuckton of guns.

Give it sweet rims and ^ yeah fuckton of guns. AND =O… and… . . I, I dunno actually, then it would be perfect o.O
I heart it