Post Apocalyptic Underground Facepunch Mapping Collaboration Project

Last Updated: 10/30/2011 10:43PM -5:00 EST

Oh god not another destined to fail collaboration project!

No, I have paid close attention on how most of these projects fail. There are several key factors that play in killing the project and I think I have a solution for all of them.

Big Projects fail because near the end, people will leave or quit or stop responding, Killing it.


Solution: I have divided this project into 4 Phases. Phase 1 will have 6 Slots for mappers and be the lease restricting. And won’t move on to Phase 2 until every mapper is done and has turned in a map for one of their six slots.
If Phase 2 fails, then the map will be released without Phase 2, 3 of 4’s Section. But that will still be a success because of the 6 Phase 1 had already turned in. After a long period of time, When the map is on Phase 2, Phase 1 participants can participate again in Phase 2. Same with 3 and 4.

For this to be successful, I understand I have to be very active in receiving other people’s maps and updating everything accordingly.

Now onto the map.

The map will be a Post Apocalyptic Underground Bunker style map. If you wish, you can completely deviate from that theme and make anything you want in the space provided in the Default Room Map. ** Rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8, are Caved in. ** Meaning that the ceiling should reflect a caved in area should you have chosen that map. It can look repaired if you prefer not or are just aren’t good at mapping destroyed environments.

** Right Click, Save as**

Download Phase 1 Room VMF
Download Phase 2 Room VMF
Download Phase 3 Room VMF
Download Phase 4 Room VMF

What you Can Do
You can change any of the interior area’s textures, add materials, models, lights, entities, sounds, etc.
You can change the front door to whatever you like.
You can Change the front door to whatever door you want, be it model, brush, or something else.
You can modify the texture of the keypad outside the front door.
You can delete, move, or modify the middle divider wall and door.*
You can Create or add custom materials, audio and models for your area.**

What you Cannot Do
You cannot Change the geometry of the surrounding walls (besides usage of the clipping tool)
You cannot add any map entities such as env_sun or env_wind.
You cannot have any models outside the brushes surrounding the room.
You cannot have any sound that play by themselves.
You cannot have any hostile NPC’s.
You cannot have any hostile Brushes.

Other Rules
Pornography is allowed in scarce amounts, version will not have any pornography that was added.
Keep any Fandom related Content to an extreme Low (MLP, Furry)
We are Currently Building on the Ep2 Engine, So if you are using content from other games, say so when you post the link to your completed vmf.
Do not post the link to any completed VMF’s on sites that will make me wait to download or will make me complete a survey to download: for example:

Rapidshare, etc.

If you ask for a room that’s not in Phase, it is an instant Disqualification. for Example: It’s Phase 2 but you ask for a Phase 1, 3, or 4 Room.
Thanks, and Have Fun!

*For Phase 1 Only
**For Phase 1 and 2 Only

Please Excuse this god awful paint scribble.

Currently in

 Phase 1.5 

[release]** Phase 1 **

1: Aspen + Meow - Screenshots Shown, Not complete.
2: Juniez - Turned In.
3: Banshee Friend - Completed & Turned In.
4: J!m - Screenshots Shown, Not complete.
5: Zanarias - Completed and Turned in.
6: Bookwrm4life? - Completed and Turned in.


[release]** Phase 2 **

7: *~ZOMG - suspended *
8: RustyC - Completed and turned in.
15: C:\ - suspended / Tango -Screenshots Shown, Not Complete.
16: 7H3_H4CK3R - Screenshots Shown, Not Complete.
23: limulus54 - Screenshots Shown, Not Complete.
24: Deadchicken - suspended / KnightVista - Screenshots Shown, Not Complete.


To Apply, Post this:

[noparse]**[/noparse]**I would Like to Join**[noparse]**


(Room Number)



With the roomnumber of the room you want replacing


Happy Mapping.

I would Like to Join

Room #1

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Also, what are the rules on game content i.e CS:S, EP2 and such?

Oh, knew I forgot something. Currently I’m building this on EP2 Content, but if that’s a bad Idea, I can easily do a different version.

No problem, I’m fine to work with EP2 stuff.

i’ll take 3

Also 3 is Taken.

Sounds Interesting, I’ll give it a shot. Also, is the template link meant to link to a TXT version of the file?

I would Like to Join

Room #6

I would Like to Join

Ruum nuwmborr 4

I would Like to Join

Room Number 5

VMFs are basically text files in the first place. Right click-> Save link as All Files and add .vmf on the end. It’ll open in Hammer.

Considering you have a room done, Banshee, would you mind uploading the VMF for it, or pictures of it? I’m curious to see the kind of look your going for (I’d rather stick with the overarching style.) If not, I’ll just wing it.

EDIT: Also also also are custom particles permitted?

On second thoughts, I’ll have to drop room 1, too busy with life stuff right now.

Anything that doesn’t need a file to be replaced is allowed. and I rather keep my room a surprise.

I would Like to Join

Room #2


Just a start, getting the collapsed look right will be a challenge. Figured this thread would be more interesting with pictures. I would also recommend adding no color correction to the OP since it would look weird to anyone walking dow the corridor.

I would Like to Join

Room #1

add Meow next to my name. me and him are collaborating.
[sp]he is doing most of the work[/sp]

All the rooms are taken! D: Anyways if i can.

I would Like to Join

Room #17

When the time comes. And any room I could get now.

I would Like to Join


Any textures or models you want us to stay away from?

I would Like to Join

Room #1

Just Wait until Phase 2 before asking. We will enter Phase 2 when everyone in Phase 1 has turned in a completed VMF.

@Bookwrm4life Unless the Rules Prohibit you to do so, no there are no limits.