Post Apocalyptic vehicles

I’ve started making cars with awesome suspension so I decided to build post apocalyptic cars :3

First off is the truck.
Realistic steering
Custom made engine by me

Then the car.
Realistic steering
Sound and horn
The truck’s engine modified with complete exhaust system from the cylinders in the engine to the muffler in the end.

The wheels on the truck looked too clean so I made these wheels a bit more dirty

My steam is: Glt |. Lawliet

Looking good… but io don’t get what you mean by a complete exhaust system… are you using easyengine by the way?

I think he means, he’s got pipes going from the engine to the mufflers.
The truck looks awful, because it’s a truck. The pickup/car is awesome. Looks really cool. ugly truck, cool pickup. Good job on both of them.

The truck doesn’t look too post-apocalyptic to me, but the car is awesome.

I based the truck on a model from the 3d post apocalyptic modeling contest here lol
It looked kinda like that

Awsome rides, the pick up looks like a dodge charger/challenger

No I don’t use easy engine :stuck_out_tongue:
I use expression2, hydraulics for steering and thrusters for driving.
I’ll stop use thrusters when I can be bothered learning applyAngForce well enough

actually, wheel power can work well for cars and trucks. And yeah, the truck is kinda bad-looking, try beefing the back up, and making the whole body a little higher than the wheels. the car does look very good.

pretty dam cool in my books

I know wheel power is good but it’s just that I’m an expression2 noob and I still have to figure out how to make an expression I can just wire like a thruster and put directly on the wheels.

I was thinking about starting a thread where people can show off post apocalyptic vehicle that they would drive if they were on the madmax movies. Or would that be lame?

I haven’t even seen the mad max movies :stuck_out_tongue:

The truck is ugly, the car is nawyc, and they are both vary well made.
Howeverrr… they don’t give the post apocalyptic feel for some reason… maybe it’s the shiny wheels and perfect pipe work.
You have reminded me, however, to waste some time on making fallout vehicles (not talking about the game)

And Xro That would be sweet- it’s a different topic besides all these remodels and shit

So its a bad idea then :frowning:

…to be honest I only saw part of a few mad max’s, but it’s still a good idea. If you don’t I will, then nobody would post in it cause I have no examples

Nope, do it, Mad Max movies own. Make the thread, I’ve got some content planned.

Also, you go see them movies you snotnosed kids, Xro got his shit right.

The car looks sweet, but the front of the truck doesn’t look that good. It’s a bit like a bubble.

What do you mean by that? O.o

Looks awesome. When will it be able to download?

I don’t release stuff, sooo… never :smiley: