Post-apocalyptical survivor walking through ravaged city's ruins

Stitch made from 5-10 different scenebuild’ screenshots. I’m not totally happy with it.
Alt link:’s%20Mod%202011/Post-Apocalyptic.jpg


Looks like a movie, bravo!

Über extra hella fucking nice

This is seriously fucking hot

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy fucking shit this is amazing, how could you not be happy with it :psyboom:

What map is that, by the way?

That’s a really nice picture, but how the hell do you manage to get the depth of field so smooth and good looking?

Why are you so fuckibg brilliant?

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seriously to me this is like your best pic yet

Oh god dat shading

Love the scenebuild and edit.

Holy shit

I thought that was just some random STALKER citizen hack thingy. You sure?


is that a photograph of japan?



Gawd dayum pmnky, will you ever stop being so awesome at this?
Seriously, this is uber sex. Everything about it.

Omfg, new wallpaper!

I want to see another angle or the original to see how you did this. This is amazing!

He had multiple scenebuilds which he then stitched together so I guess that’s pretty much impossible.

Thank you all! Pleased it pleasures your eyes. Well, since Gmod crashed multiple times, I didn’t have time to take screenshots from every scenes. Though, I was able to find a picture of the early stages of the editing. Here you go:

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Well, actually I started this picture in november 2010 (but stoppped) and had too much time to focus on all its minor flaws. So I guess it’s pretty much a biased opinion. Or I spend so much time on it I expected something else, something better. Dunno.

Alright, can you tell me how to get materials into the material tool?

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I forgot :v: