Post firefight: Soldier observing carnage

I’m not sure if i got the holding angle of the gun right, you decide
C&C Please

Whats with the guy by the box, he looks like he’s sitting on air

Posing needs some serious work and it seems boring and uninteresting. Would seem a bit better with some bullet holes around the area and some scorch marks for grenades.

He’s dragging the injured guy to safety you can see the wound but you can’t see his other leg.

There seems to be a lack of emotions on the soldier’s side, and the composition isn’t particularly good. Might just be me, but it also seems like the battle was fairly clean, too. Not enough blood, bullet holes or debris about.
I’d suggest you experiment with different angles and facial expressions, and maybe more clutter.

It’s not bad, but you can do better.

Yep, they’re dead alright

I Never knew you had to go in dump position to drag a body?, I mean it looks like hes sitting, maybe if he was hoisting him over his shoulder, but that is my opinion

When using bloom, set the bloom color to 0.00 to remove the excessive color of the bloom.