Post how you found out about GMod

Quite a simple thread. Just post how you found out about this unique game.

Here is mine.

Me, a few years ago, being the retard that I was, I thought roblox was a good thing to play shudder I browse youtube for roblox videos and see some shitty meme animation thing involving people and that stupid “imma firin my lazor” thing, and see its made on garrys mod. I look into the game and almost instantly buy it and still play it constantly to this day.

until gm13 broke my crap and I ragequit for a few months :suicide::suicide:

Happy posting.

idiots of gmod/gmod idiot box were probably what got me

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can’t clearly remember tho

My friend played it a lot so then he bought it for me and my other friend.
1400 Hours later I’m still playing.

counter strike community I played on said it’d be opening darkRP
decided to get gmod.

I was browsing a video in youtube, Then I randomly clicked on a Team Fortress 2 Video made with Garry’s Mod.
I thought it was interesting. Before I bought it, I thought it was some sort of movie maker.
After I bought Garry’s Mod around August 2012, I found out it was a first-person fun game, But still enjoyed it.

I was browsing through YouTube, back in 2008. And I came across a video of zombies attacking in that Best Buy map. I noticed the game looked really fun, so I searched it up, and I bought it on Steam. Man, that brings a lot of memories back to me.

My dad bought GTA: London for me when I was little, so that’s how I got into GTA. I got San Andreas and I started looking into modding it when I came across a portal gun mod, that was awesome until I found out that it actually came from ‘Portal’, which was my first source engine/valve game. From there I discovered HL:2 and of course GMod.

I one time saw someone build a boat with the engine mod. I was determined to get the game after that point.

I played zombie survival and some other gamemodes at a friends house. This was a year or so before i would actually purchase the game as i had no pc to play it. I would eventually get a pc and play it now im nearly 2k hours in and still love the game as im learning how to code now so i can get the most out of it as i can.

I saw a video of TTT. Got PC last year. Bought Gmod. Mass RDMed on my first TTT server. Now own that TTT server.

Edit: Got perma banned, got unbanned, then I owned it.

In 2009 My entire family was into Half Life and subsequently it’s engine. That’s how I found out Gmod.
Five years later I’m the only one that’s still interested in gaming.

I saw this video (many many years ago) and got the game soon after, lol.

I heard the name “Garry’s Mod” pop up a lot and I finally installed steam in like 2011 to try out Team Fortress 2 (I was mainly a PS3 player). On the steam summer sale one of my good steam friends bought the pack in which you get Gmod+CS:S. After that I looked up gameplay on youtube and I found out that it’s basically a game in which you mess with props and physics and shit so I bought it with CS:S. I’m still playing it up to this day.


They ran a popular css zombie mod server. I eventually switch over when some people decided they wanted to try out garrysmod.

Saw contraptions on Youtube and originally thought it was in HL2 as a hidden level.

A friend of me had the game and I repeatedly saw him playing it. I later bought it with CS:S and some time later my dad bought me the Orange Box because my school grades were good.

Almost hitting 6,000 hours, oops, life gone

This is the earliest I can seem to recall, I remember buying GMod later and asking how to make ragdolls move, at which some guy just told me to put sliders and muscle constraints everywhere on it.
Sure made it move.
Loved that series.

You must have achieved some intense movement from that ragdoll O_o

Same here, except I also watched the trolling roleplayers series.


That's how. And I've been in love with GMod ever since. Also if anybody says PewDiePie (or related) I swear to freaking god.

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