Post Links to your lost Model Downloads Packs here


Please post links to download packs that Facepunch threads have expired or have been lost here!


basically, This thread is to make a list of Downloadable Prop, Ragdoll or Model packs for GMod that have been lost or forgotten. By this I mean that they are really hard to find or that thier thread’s have been deleted or have expired.

I am looking for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R mega-pack, I cannot find the thread that has the link so Please help.(Found it, In list below)

Please stay ontopic and relavent:argh:

I will make a list HERE so that it can be easily accessed in the future :v:


The List


[release]Dante - S-Lows Model

Thread Link:

Download Link:

[release]M60 with Ragdoll Ammo Belt

Download Link:

[release]Massive S.T.A.L.K.E.R Models Pack

Download Link:
Size: 427.22 MB
I finally found it!!! :bubblewoop:
Silent Hill: Homecoming Nurse Ragdoll for Gmod

Download Link:
**Link provided by: SlayerFin ** :3:
[/release][release]WW2 Weapons and Ragdoll Models


Download Link:
Link provided by: Leffebengan :woop:
[/release][release]Gekko Tank + WW2 tank pack

Download Link:
Link provided by: Leffebengan :v:
[/release][release]Modern Warfare 2 Prop Pack

Download Link:
Link provided by: TehAgentGuy :worship:
[/release][release]S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky Camo Ragdolls


Download Link:
**Link provided by: DRESSING ** :byodood:

Dante - S-Lows Model.

most of them are just lost in the forum, if only search bar could be public

Well then, as a Gold Member, I’d be happy to do a few basic searches, if anyone has a particular model they’re looking for.

People can still look at thier previous posts though so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. if they can find them, they can share them.

I had a model pack of high quality WWII weapons that had the MG-42 with a ragdolled ammo belt and it had a 50 cal in it but then my computer crashed anyone know where I can re-download this?

This sounds very interesting. I want it too.

What is this, I don’t even.


Pic for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stuff?
I think I might DL that…

I was going to tell you how stupid you are to make a thread like this in the RELEASES section, but I support your cause. I’m curious to what (good) models have been taken from us because of the search bar tool bullshit.

Thanks m8 :v:

Like I said, if anyone wants me to run a search or two for them, I’ll do my best. Just don’t go crazy with it.

After 2 days of searching I was able to find DTMech’s Frontlines Vehicles Pack, but the download link for it was broken. Can re upload the pack?

I’ve got a fuckload of models in my gmod folder i’ve piled up over the years.

I might have some stuff that’s long gone, i’ll go have a rummage around.

I’ll let him know about it.

I have an interesting model for anyone that might want it.
It’s an M60 ported from SoF2 with a ragdolled ammo belt.
It’s not the most hi poly thing out there but it is pretty cool to play with.
The port is by a user that goes by the name of puppeteer.
Heres a picture of a render of it.(Doesn’t have an ammobox)

Just uploaded it so It might look like it’s down.

This should probably be stickied if we get some major contributions in here.

Can someone find the Poison Ivy model from Arkham Asylum? :smiley:

Got more of these?
And who did the MW2 Operators?

tlsaudrl2548 i think.

No, Alex_Vestin made the MW2 Operaters