Post Links to your lost Model Downloads Packs here

Thanks again!

Anyone have the huge mass effect human pack?

Anyone one have that addon that had pieces of rebel and combine armor as props and the rebel’s hats.
I’m pretty sure bloocobalt released it, could be horribly wrong though.

Would anyone happen to have the model of Lucy’s helmet from Elfen Lied?

It was done long ago, but I’ve lost the file since.

Does anyone have the link to the Battlefield 2142 weapons? They came out quite a long time ago if I recall.

That’s the original link that DT posted.

Legendary! Thanks for that!

One of NeoDement’s old profiles had a nice Jean-Luc Picard rip from a Star Trek game. I’d like to get a hold of that if anyone’s got it.

Here we go:

Does anyone still have these old reskins for the combine?


Should all be here:

Does anyone have the link to a model pack containing the left 4 dead 2 humvees as seen in this pic?

I have a reskinned texture I was planning to release, but I lost the model when cleaning out and reinstalling garrysmod.

Heres my Halo 3 Player Models Mod sort of fallen off the radar these days.

Everything from MW2 except the Operators and Weapons.
Means Juggernaut, the Russian/American/etc… soldiers and if there are vehicles/props please post them as well.

Thanks in advance people!


I cant believe you cant find them, THEY ARE EVEN ON THE FIRST PAGE

Hint Hint:[sp]Smoky´s COD4 MW2 CT-T Player Pack,s[/sp]

I am officialy retarded.

Well thanks Ghillie you dont appear to have the Juggernaut Model somewhere?


So far I only know the NPCs by Jason

They are on the bad side, the original compiler is gone missing.

The NPC worked, thanks!

Does anyone have this model? I think it was made by Snood quiet a while ago.

			[View Image](



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Do you have any mw2 weapon pack?