Post mortem crafting

Had a queue of crafting in my inventory just now and die to a bear trap. I went to loot my body and noticed that my body is continually crafting. Anyone else experience this?
I will try to do this with several bodies and report back. Kind of excited to try this all out. I no longer have to worry about going out while crafting. I’ll craft safely at home while I am dead.

What do you mean, the body will just periodically fill up with the items you were crafting before death? Is it only what you queued or does it continually make more?

Holy crap, it’s a bug fer sure but DAMN that would be GREAT! I would just stay dead!!!

no need to stay dead, you can still go out while your other body is crafting it seems.

So in other words, queue up a stack and a half of sufur for gunpowder (takes just shy of 25 mins to do that), suicide in your base, and then you can go out and harvest more resources in that time while your corpse crafts for you. lol

Yeah, that sounds like a bug to me.

DOESN’T WORK. Not sure whether this was patched, or I’m just gullible for trying…

Sure as hell worked for me a few days ago. Put 6 code locks in query. Got killed after one was finished and go back to my death body. Notice that the resources spend on those locks are not there ( no reset of the query / dumping the resources ). But then i noticed in my new main body, that the locks started to appear one by one like they are being crafted.

Okay, well I guess they patched it, because I tested yesterday and it doesn’t work.