Post Patch - Rust Takes Forever To Start...

I used to run rust and within 4-5 seconds I’d be at the main menu. After this patch it’s taking 1-2 minutes for the game to boot. Unsure what happened but this sucks =/

4-5 sec what you got under the hood ?

1-2 minutes is more like it …lol join the club

Nothing to crazy on the hardware side, aside from a PCI-e ssd @ 1.5-2GB/s read XD

I just tested myself, used 5,5 seconds from the unity launch menu until the game menu was up and running (ssd)

I just started up in a second…

yeah no problem I think your computer just sucks

Well your running ssd thats the difference then nice to know it makes that much difference

Thank you for the endless help and consideration within this post. You’ve made the internet a better place today with your accomplishment.

Np, I’m here to help.

Are you really bitching because poor you has to wait 1-2 minutes for a game to boot up. Lol wtf
Boot up time is something on your computer. Something your pc is doing. I can’t help you because I’m not in front of your pc.

If you want help, post specs… I can’t help you if I don’t know the fuck you play on.

My computer boots up rust in 3-5 seconds also. Have you changed anything on your pc before this started happening?