Post processing and photography useful stuff (idk)

The two things i do in gmod is either play darkrp og take ingame screenshots, and by default there arent a whole lot of post processing and scenic stuff, youll mainly need mods for it and the light and shadow pysics in gmod isnt the worlds best.
so i was wondering if there would be some useful tools like good depth of field and lighting like extended render and maybe some better tools for posing ragdolls, just a suggestion.

Lightning and showing will be better depending on how good the actual map is. More I can’t say for now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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We have full custom shaders. It’ll be trivial to make new post-processing effects.

Layla’s mentioned at one point that a ragdoll poser tool would be useful, and considering sam’s progress in the lighting department, It’s already better than what ExtendedRenderer can do in gmod.


I believe that alyx already has some post processing effects available.

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In the best case scenario there could be full on raytracing whether it be rtx or pre included I couldn’t tell you. I would love to start making realtime raytracing shaders in S&box as one of my first projects so if there isnt included raytracing or RTX You can almost be sure there is going to be some sort of realtime raytracing something.

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