Post Processing (black screen)

After tinkering with the post processing options, I wanted to see what the steroscope (bad spelling?) was capable of. After I increased the passes a bit too much, my screen suddenly went black. I was able to hear my movement and disconnect/quit from the game via console but I didn’t even see the console up until I was at the main menu. I set all of my graphics to low to see if that would help give me a temporary fix, but no good. I removed the Post Processing file from the lua file which fixed the black screen, but the option to use the tools are gone. I decided to verify GMod which restored the files (I think that’s how verify works) and recreated the problem, again forcing me to remove the file.

I deleted the GMod local files and reinstalled it, but nothing has worked. So my question is, is there a way to see my game again WITH my Post Processing options available or will I have to delete my entire GMod folder and reinstall all my game and addon? I don’t really mind the second option but I would like to hear some suggestions.

Go into Singleplayer, open the Q menu, go to post processing and uncheck the options.

Well, I can’t with the postprocess folder being in the gmod one, as I would receive the black screen. Even with the folder not being in there, I wouldn’t be able to toggle it…

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Alright, it wasn’t the thing called stereoscopy, it was a thing called Frame Blend, or at least the .lua was called. I removed the file and left all of the other files originally in postprocess alone. After that, the black screen disappeared and now I am able to continue playing GMod.

can you play trouble in terrorist town? cuz i had the same problem
made the same steps
but i can’t play ttt for a reason