post processing features doesn't work + another weird problems

hello everyone. First of all i want to say that im pretty new to source engine (came from gold-source :)).
Im launching garry’s mod (1024x768 full screen):

  • post processing features such as dof, bloom, doesn’t work (just nothing happens when im activating them).HDR and bloom is activated. here is screen of super dof

  • fire is invisible (can’t see, but hear sound of it) and my models quality is bad. example, look at terrorists legs texture

  • blood replaced with strange shit

  • garry’s mod launching extremely long (few minutes)
  • i can’t see NOTHING under water

I want to add that i tried to remove my cfg folde to reset all settings and css stress test showed me 99 fps

my hardware:
processor: intel pentium 4 cpu 3.0
RAM 1.5 gb
videocard: radeon x1300 256 mb
operating system is Windows XP
version of DirectX is 9.0c

thanks in advance for help.


lol, -dxlevel 80 solved everything except slow launching.

Your graphics card is utterly terrible, as is your processor. That’s the problem.