POST stuff about rust !

Post what u guys think of rust so far or any other things related to rust bored and no rust let get a convo starting!!!

(User was banned for this post ("uh" - garry))

I absolutely hate it when greedy children place metal doors on radiation buildings and then never even loot them.

There’s your starter. :smiley:

ha yeah i got trapped last time lol dam doors :slight_smile:

They should make it so you cant build in loot zones at all

or if u could build other people can use your door in they zone so people got a chance of getting out without dieing xD

Some dude raided my house but I trapped him in there with metal doors :smiley:

u guys ever find it soooo hard to kill a pig with a rock lol

whos the guys that has the green names ?

I noticed that too but yeah I don’t know either… :S

they raided me and my friend but i was inside my shelter and they killed me with a pickaxe ?

Here is a joke:

Player: Admin please help me! An annoying kid spam the voice chat! What can i do?
Admin: Well just kill him and walk away like in real.

(This joke is from Garry)

The green names are Devs I’m pretty sure.