Post Update Issues Here!

Hey guys I’m working on another patch for the dev version before we go live, so far I’ve fixed the following :

  1. Bullets no longer damage gates/gateways
  2. Fixed explosives not doing the correct amount of damage to gates
  3. You can’t place gates/gateways near prefab structures
  4. Slightly randomized the airdrop position by 20m in all directions
  5. Increased cost of spike walls significantly

Post any other strange issues if you don’t mind, and I’ll fix them as soon as possible, Thanks!

I’ve heard that sleepers don’t work on this version, haven’t checked.

Updating the Dev server right now, I will edit this post when I test the patch…

Well I updated the patch without a hitch to the DEV branch with no incompatible errors, and I opted in to the Steam Dev as well and all is well so far…

I did test the new gates (1-C4 to destroy) and Large Spike wall (5-C4 to destroy) ,
I did test the supply air drops and it is dead on, so good job so far…

Bears don’t disappear after you get everything from them, my inventory wasn’t full.

9/10 times I can’t obtain loot from wolves.

Checking the NPC issues now

Might be worth telling: I first kill them with 2 arrows, and then try to skin them with a Stone Hatchet.

you can fully submerge in water and go to the bottom of the ocean indefinetly, I don’t think thats what you guys had in mind or are we all fish? O_O

Not sure if ceilings are supposed to be destructible or not but, I used 10 charges on one and it is still there.

can confirm this.

Shooting spike walls with arrows causes damage, as if you were hitting it with a hatchet.

FPS on mac is still appalling, thought that was meant to be fixed (day 17).

Haha nice, will fix

The fences are a bit too weak.

How so?

Sleepers don’t work, fences and gate ways decay in like 4 hours

It is server settings…am i wrong?

I think that the supply drop grenade might need to be tweaked a little to be less frequent. Joined a dev sever… managed to get lucky and grab a drop nekkid 5 mins after joining and the crate had a supply drop grenade.

Sure enough… ran way out of the way and popped it. Two crates dropped and one of those had another canister. Sure. I might have been super lucky but maybe a little less likely to obtain.

I actually really like the idea of them otherwise… It’ll make it even more intense to be going for supply drops.

Its possible that you survive falling down into the sea. Then you stuck there.

You can destroy Gateways with a Pickaxe too =)