Post Wranglin' Engineer


Spent more time posing the Dead guys then I did the Engineer.

Looks very nice, though the Engineer’s left hand looks a bit out of shape. Also, is the Scout eating his own dogtags? Seems like it.

That looks more like his Mic.

Woops, looks like I forgot to check that closer. Overall though, very nice picture, could be a nice wallpaper for your computer.

Very nice. Nothing bad about the posing on the Engineer, my child.

Ha, I know the feeling there. :wotwot:

This is cool.

It’s nice but I am so tired of Engi poses.

Nice, but somehow I came in here expecting a joke about carpal tunnel or somethin’. I dunno.

The laser pointer comes out from the sentry.

Strange finger posing on the engineer, but it could just be the lighting.

What he said.