Post your base

I’ll start
Day “from outside”

Night “inside”

Lol im more interested in whats said in the chat “Yakuzen, N-stepper” i literally just been n-stepped by him before X-res pointed this out to me.

Oh and that shit is duped :confused: shouldnt be proud of that!

Loads of N-Steppers unfortionatly:(

So you made this thread to show off your duped base?

Lol rama speak of duping.

Rama it is not duped. we are 15+ ppl farming and building…

Not impressed

ElderFap sir PM me

its cool and all, but i stopped trying to build anything large at all. One person can wreck the whole thing with little effort. Assuming they dupe items and macro heal. Ive only been playing for about a week and im ready to put it down for a long time.

Duping doesn’t exist

my friends items got duped today after his internet took a crap and he logged back in. sooooo ya its still around lol.

Clearly didnt understand my sarcasm, look at the video i linked <_>

What link? There none on this thread that I can see…

It seems that whenever a new dupe is discovered you guys in particular decide to show off your “legit” base, and then say you didn’t dupe to get it. Right.