Post Your BF3 Ported Ragdolls Pose Here

Pose made by me :

Yes, my pose are bad

Well, other than the colour looking like piss and the Russian Recon floating, it looks alright, posing-wise of course.

yea you’re pose are bad, though you can improve , try to max you’re settings zoom in with the camera to find an interesting angle, it would also aid you to use reference pics or a mirror to help with the posing, also scrap the filter idea

don’t post it then you bare-butt baboon

Well we do have things like Blacklight posing thread posted in the past so i don’t see this being bad.

Oh wait, How did you spawn the sniper model without getting the game crash?

Sorry, for admin please delete this ****ing post immediately please

you can swear on the internet btw

Yeah man what the fuck?

Post Your BF3 Ported Ragdolls Pose Here

i wish i could port poses from battlefield 3