Post Your Building Reference/Idea Websites

Ok, here is the idea: We make this thread a collection of useful websites for people to use to find buidling reference pics, or sites to find inspiration / things to build on.

Ill start-


Well known site I know but if you are looking to build something just search “lego *****” replacing the stars with what you want to build; For example “lego space tank” etc. People have built some frankly cool things with lego, and can show how they made the overall form from basic lego units.

I use this a lot!!
It is by far my favourite - I mean I just made up the “lego space tank” search example, I just searched it now and there are atleast 3 very cool designs on the 1st page.

I will be very annoyed if one of you builds something from my “to build” folder which I have mainly filled with lego things from flikr


This originally came from Simple/Mc-Haddock

Provides detailed walk-arounds for pretty much every modern military vehicle, even WWII vehicles. Tanks, Helicopters, jets what ever takes your fancy.

Great for finding ref pics in HR from all angles or just to browse to find something to build


These are three very good blueprint sites, the first and thrid only being for cars, the second for pretty much all vehicles including sci-fi !!

Good for finding detailed blue prints for that tricky contraption

*Note the second site needs a membership for higher res images (they are scaled without 1)


This is a car modeling forum, where one you are a member there are many cars in various states of completion; Often cars are shown in parts so constructing them can be easier

2nd is a blueprint section of the forums with many many cars

That is all I can think of for now, though I’m trying to find another awesome site for military vehicles and variants with plenty of detail that I used to use. Hopefully 1 of you post it

Please add your own sites

oh and wiki etc go without saying.
3rd link is a post with many HR car picture sites

same deal as flikr but purely lego. Lego can give you some great ideas.


Whoa, you guys should check out this site. It’s crazy useful! I don’t know why I’ve never heard of it before; seems like something that would get pretty big.

Edit for content: Wookieepedia has technical drawings of pretty much everything in Star Wars.

Been using this for years. Enjoy.

I just search random pictures on google and make what I see or make something similar

Brickshelf is awesome when you know what you want to build but you don’t really know how to do it.

I search for what I want and see how they made it in lego, it often translates well into phx :v: and , these two websites are full of great, sometimes crazy, ideas for vechicles.

I use my imagination. Anything I build is something that I’ve probably seen in a movie a long time ago, but corrupted by my imagination.

I don’t think you understand what this thread is for, please don’t post unless you have something relelvant to say/contribute.



This is relelvant.

I’m relelvant

It is relevant only because he is talking about it, you don’t see people come into threads with releases saying ‘I’m not going to download this’ or the LMAO thread and saying ‘I’m not going to post anything because I don’t need to’ it is just asinine and useless.

And of course google images for quickly getting or collecting reference pictures, with daughter sites included.

Definitely Deviant-art. That is where I get all of my space ship inspirations (except for my Star Wars stuff, I memorize that stuff from the movies XD)