Post your: Contraptions that arent thread-worthy

A thread for all of those 10 minute contraptions that you still think are worth posting, but probably not worth a whole new thread:

Swamp boat:



Will post mine in a sec when I get the chance. :buddy:

I approve of this thread :cheers:


Also, not exactly non-thread worthy, but

No idea what to do with it now :confused:

That would make a cool Spacebuild ship with a little materializing.


Danke herr Silverhammer :cheers:

Plane Maximash and I made:

My tactical divebomber:

Just a random buildoff mech:

RR_Raptor65’s modified tank, the Hades II:



Hey all, I’m new here so this thread looked like a small place to start :slight_smile: Hope these pics work.

Here is my 10 minute Go-Kart!

My little flying wing, and first attempt at using E2 to stabilize an object.


only media tags can hide his sexiness .

any rating you want if you can guess who it is

Uhh. That Airplane looks like P40 Warhawk and the tanks seen on the background look like M24 Chaffees.

looks like mamba


btw i want gold stars

lol mamba wears ed hardy FAGIT

It is Mambei, lol. The link says Wittman25…

no this is mamba

they strangely look alike

O hay dats mah tnak right thar!

He wishes he could be as cool as Wittman

he looks like a fucking chav with his hat that way. Nice Planes Karb

What did you use for the muzzle brake? It looks sexy.

Oh wow I want these

At least he has good trigger discipline. :stuck_out_tongue: