Post Your Current WIP V.3!: Tutorials, Tools and Model Packs Galore (GM13 googogogo)

I’ll get a better name for it later :v:
You post your GMod WIP Contraptions here. Good place to get some constructive criticism. Balto’s OP from last thread:

[h2]The past WiP threads:[/h2]
Post Your Current WIP!: V.2.0.1
Post Your Current WIP!: V.2 “We’re pretty much a guild of fucking wizards.”
Post Your Current WIP!

[h2]Useful building tools[/h2]
Weight tool [WORKSHOP LINK, confirmed working in GM13]
Wiremod (also get this, or you’ll see a lot of errors) [confirmed working in GM13]
Advanced Duplicator 2 [confirmed working in GM13, can have minor issues like saving problems]
Fading door tool [WORKSHOP LINK, confirmed working in GM13]
MakeSpherical [confirmed working in GM13]
Lua wheels (wheel2) (If you have to choose between lua wheels and MakeSpherical, take MakeSpherical) [Deemed out of date]
Parenting tool ** WORKSHOP LINK, confirmed working in GM13]**
Karbine’s Improved Multi Parent [Out of date]
Parenting tool [confirmed working in GM13]
Nocolide All [Out of date]
Wenli’s tools [Out of date]
ACF [Confirmed working in GM13]
Fin2 [DROPBOX LINK, confirmed working in GM13]
HERE IS A TOP TIP: Rename info.txt to addon.txt in order to make some old stuff launch in gm13.

[h2]Useful building model-packs[/h2]
SProps (get it, you’ll see a lot of errors without [Confirmed working in GM13]
Wiremod (also get this, or you’ll see a lot of errors) [confirmed (SORT OF) working in GM13]
ACF Mobility [Confirmed working in GM13]
Jojobull’s Wheel pack [Confirmed working in GM13]
Steering wheel pack [Confirmed working in Gm13]
Tank wheels [Confirmed working in GM13]

[h2]Useful building tutorials[/h2]
Jackpody’s Tutorials
How to parent buttons and press them from a far / while seated
The MakeSpherical Basics

Karbine’s Tutorials
Multi Parenting Tutorial
Moving large parts of a contraption
Right click axis & axis/ballsocket linedraw
Mirroring props in Precision Allignment
How to: Anti-rolls bars!

MrWhite’s Tutorials
Suspension (and steering) tutorial Part 1 | Part 2
Balancing your engine
The BDD System
The BRD System
Steering wheel tutorial
Elastic Placement for Traditional Chassis Building
How to Install ACF
Building an Engine | Part 2

General building tutorials and neat stuff
Copying Materials in GMod

So yeah, get posting! My Jeep because my WIP is on another computer atm.

Transcript of OP
Anything you guys think needs a mention in OP?

First attempt at something that flies:


Also why was the other thread closed?

Damn, I almost got to make the new thread.

Ooh, one post away.

Still setting this thread up so it’ll be prettier later.

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O new thread.

Woop :v:, carry on the tradition!

I shall soon get a powerplant in the Corsair and post

I approve

Wip thread is the best thread


How about “You must construct additional tanks”
or “We require more vespine planes”

“Garry’s Tanks: Tank Building Simulator”

Updated my mek for all these planes im now seeing

also added a self destruct that deactivates the e2 when the ammo lights up
aka it falls over and dies

Add some useful tools and links to them to the op. It might help new builders.

Good idea. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’m in Sweden what.

So I go the second last post in the old thread, and asked for a tutorial on how to power something with an engine, not how to make an engine, sorry for the misunderstanding :v

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I think I got an idea of how to do it from some of mrwhites videos…

anyway does anyone have a package/list/svn of what tools to use for building engines?

I’m making the list now for the most used addons for building shit so you should look back in a moment. There’s probably more addons that’s good for building engines than I can list though.

Well for engines I’m not so much into yet, I just wanna build some cars for now, seems more simple.

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but thank you for doing a list :slight_smile:

So, what’s it like to be in Sweden? :v:

You can’t enjoy staying in Sweden, it’s freakin’ cold here! Where in Sweden are you? :slight_smile:

Corsair combat ready with four alternate firing 30mm HMGs. Retracts by way of fading door. It even stalls realistically if it pitches too sharply out of relative wind, though I have no idea how I got it to do that, I certainly didn’t strike out for that, but it kind of pleases me. Feels strikingly similar to Il-2.

It just won its first dogfight against Phoenix’s spitfire

Beautiful. Can I get a close shot of your windscreen design? :v:

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also I added a bunch of neat tutorials for building shit. there’s also a transcript of the OP if someone needs to quote it in another thread when this one is closed at 30+ pages in the future.

I tried to do that BRD system, could not do it to save my own life, and then once I thought I got it working, it just sprung back and forth… maybe I should just stop trying.

Added a bomb bay:

And size comparison:

There shouldn’t be any reason to ever use PHX 2 metal props, yet I see that you have some on your wings there. Please don’t tell me you like that texture.