Post Your Current WIP: V6 "I will stroke a doll. You will benny fit!"

Hey there stranger! This is the WIP thread, a thread dedicated to posting your GMod contraptions (this does not include ragdoll posing!).
Below is Balto’s “qupte” in all its magnificence. To anyone lucky enough starting the next thread when this reaches 5000 posts, do remember to include the following:

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Post Your Current WIP![/t]
Advanced Duplicator 2
Visual Clip
White’s Texture Pack
Color Mater
Sub-material tool
Bouyancy Tool
Advanced Ballsocket
No-collide all multi
Fading Doors
Precision Alignment (PA)
Easy Precision
Fin controller tool
DatCheeze’s Tank Addons
Tank Track Tool
Constraint info

Steering wheel pack
LW Wheel Pack

It should be noted that the below tutorials are a dime a dozen. There are alternative ways - these are only suggestions.
General tips and tricks
Multi-parenting tutorial
Button tutorial
PAC3 to hologram tutorial

Car related tutorials
How to build a chassis for a car
How to fix wheel spass
ACF ‘turbo’ tutorial

Tank related tutorials
Tank tutorial
Tank turret tutorial
Tank track tutorial


Hello There!
This first post you’ll probably see A LOT when you go onto this page. So let’s make things worthwhile.
I’ve deleted this post because it’s out of date and such.

So! In this fascinating new issue of “Post Your Current WIP”, inside you’ll find.[/t]
WIPS! (obviously)
Korean people who want stuff!
Weird machines that do stuff!

Pushing the very limits of gmod in terms of creativity.

aaaaand most importantly.
You! The Onlooker, The Builder, The Creator and the Innovator.
Have fun inside this edition of.

Some bloke who managed to get first post.

May the first builder post!
I’ll go back into hiding. Goodbye.

Hi, new thread, nice.[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t] [t]

SuperGT Touring car version of my '94 Toyota Supra, 278 props; used the PAC to hologram tool to apply livery stickers (TF2 Sign models). Fairly happy with this, drives fairly well and grips like hot shit to a blanket.

Fresh air!

Guess the car! -diac arrest

Oh hi welcome thought I’d just start it off right away since the last V5 page was so full of good content!

Here have some Baja Buggy:[/t][t][/t]

It has 2 I2’s (ha boxer) making roughly 200hp. Very bouncy suspension makes it a fun offroad toy.

Oh and me wouldn’t be me if it wouldn’t go sideways aswell.

Yes, indeed, Lays bag charged Dorito power!

And here is a little teaser for late… soon™.


Oh shit that was fast; here’s a plane I prepared earlier.[/t]
MiG for scale.

This spaceplane-looking thing is the ADFX-01 Morgan, an OC-Aircraft-do-not-steal from Ace Combat Zero. Oh yeah minor spoilers for a game that came out 10 years ago, be warned.

The Morgan is a highly advanced fighter jet made by the Belkan Air Force shortly before the end of the Belkan War; in-canon its implied that only one ever got made, it doesn’t show up in any later Ace Combat games until Infinity (Which is a grindfest War Thunder-like game). The ADFX-01 is the Ace Combat equivalent to the Horten 229 or other prototype German planes, since Belka is meant to represent Nazi Germany in Ace Combat’s world.

Morgan is the final boss of Ace Combat Zero, and as such carries appropriate final-boss weaponry; multiple airburst missiles (Represented here as AIM-120s), a multi-directional laser cannon (Absent here because the pod is ugly), and an ECM anti-missile system (Just flares on my model). In a Metal Gear Rex-type design flaw, the only way to destroy the Morgan is to shoot into the intakes. Unless you’re flying the plane yourself, in which it’s destroyed in one hit like a typical fighter. thanks

The cockpit is sparse since the game only has a basic forward cockpit view.

My model of the Morgan doesn’t have any special features since the Morgan itself is just a fast, unusual looking jet. All of its teeth (the special weapons) can’t be replicated in ACF, so it just gets missiles and a weak MG. I didn’t make it particularly maneuverable because it flies like a boat compared to other Ace Combat planes, like the X-02 or Falken. It’s outperformed by my SU-37 in every way except speed and armor.

<< So, have you found a reason to fight yet? Buddy? >>
Solo Wing “But what about those borders my dude” Pixy is kind of a pushover in the final fight, even on Ace difficulty.

<< Those who survive a long time on the battlefield start to think they’re invincible. I bet you do too, buddy >>
He says buddy a lot. I think this game has an excellent and memorable script, if a bit poorly translated from time to time [sp](“It may be a stealth!”)[/sp]

<< You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. When we face each other we can finally see our true selves. . . >>


<< . . . there may be a resemblance, but we never face the same direction. >>
Anyway that’s it, I’ll prob have more planes or something soon.


new thread wow

this vs my supergt rx7 when

I wanted to be the first to post here, so I could say “The Beginning.”, thus picking up where Vodkah left off, but I am a tad bit too late.

Anyways, I’ve remodeled the grill of the Volvo, it is now using an older grill.[/t]


I added a license plate to it.


Post number 50, let’s go!

Making an oltcit with my good friend blueprint

Very rough looking atm but im gonna fix all that.

*EDIT Cancelled.


Oh look, Thread’s first snip!

Bloody hell I’m a dick.

man the last page of the thread was incredible

240sx s14 stripped drift car[/t]

powerd by a 500 hp KA24DET, 5 speed trans, 10 degrees of camber in the front and 0 degrees in the rear, the fans in the back do turn and it has a mind blowing 70 degrees of steering angle. It slides like a dream and i love every part of it.

most people on here will probably hate the 455 prop count but i wanted to try and not miss a single detail.

Best page in a long while, so much content. We need more bulk content!

Made a generic soviet tank, meant to be an MBT but ended up looking like some strange amphibious tank with a huge gun.[/T] [T][/T]
[T][/T] [T]

Seriously Jack? It’s been 2 years since the beginning of V5 and now its V6 and it’s still borked.

Fix your game!

I almost want to say keep the typo. Feels like a tradition of sorts at this point.

I actually discussed wether or not to remove it with some WIP goers and we decided it had to stay. Weird quircks of WIP and all, haha. Still updating the OP, just takes a while.

Some progress. I am currently working on the bed of the Volvo, it is coming along nicely.[/t]

Made a rally roller[/t]