Post your engine/trucks/cars/tanks/planes ect.... here! :)

Well i know theres probably a thread for these things but i cant find it cause well i suck at forums quite frankly…If you wanna send me a link that would be cool but anyways post your stuff here! :slight_smile:

Yeah it already exists:

a tank i made in gmod

On a more serious note, I refinished a cockpit for one of my old planes and gave it separate flaps

Here are two of my most recent engines, both fully working and already implemented in vehicles:[/t]
I was experimenting with OHC forcer-driven engines as well. I will never recommend them.
Also, work has begun on a truck for a competition. Ugliest eight-wheeled sonofabitch I’ve ever seen. Three physical gears (as per competition spec) as well as large-displacement V8. Goes up 60 degree inclines and hits a max of 45 mph in 3rd gear. Still, that bodywork… :suicide:

That looks like ZeosPantera’s engine, or maybe it’s his engine that looks like yours, not sure.

What truck competition was that?

Definitely his engine, I really wanted one so I built it.

The competition was over at Ronoworld. God, I don’t even know why I even tried to enter, one of the judges was… Timbits.

Do you not like Timbits? Next time your on RonoWorld just ask about the “TimBox”. I’ve had Timbits help me once or twice but he is usually clingy and rages when I try to leave. P.S. When will you come out with your new Engine tutorial? Or am I just blind and dumb and you already uploaded it?

Timbits is about the largest idiot the internet has to offer. you should see his youtube posts, they make my think spot hurt.

HAHAHAHA!!! Faggotbits was a judge trolololol!!! rono and timbits are both kinda gay im good friends with them both but Tim…well hes strange he gets mad and rages alot and calls everything else thats not his garbage…Hes a stuckup prick that nobody likes and truthfully i cant stand him either…Rono is cool but is a bit ubnoxious some times… but tim god damn wat a flaming troll he is…

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Yea… You should hear him brag about his computer that his mommy and daddy bought him…OH I GOT AN I7 FULLY WATERCOOLED BLAH BLAH BLAH he says their buying him a 600 dollar processor too…God i mention im getting an FX 6100 processor and the troll from within shows itself…

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Btw white nice job :slight_smile: and i think you should bring the front end out to a more enlogated front end… not so much round but everything else im sure will be good…Your usually pretty good at that stuff keep up the good work!

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I already got banned once for asking about gmod 13…soooo dont be surprised if i get banned again for asking for contraption pictures to for god sakes… lol


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The front end was kept close to the frame to keep it from mashing into nearly flat walls when attempting to negotiate them. Also, I suck at nearly everything related to actually constructing a vehicle. I’m a “one trick pony” so to speak.

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Anyways, let’s all get back on topic.

Been working on this for ages. Halted progress as soon as I saved it last, as, at 307 props and nocollides interconnecting, the dupe would crash me upon unfreezing the parent master. Finally with the advent of Advanced Duplicator 2 and its area copy functions have I been able to save it properly without constraints, so I may continue developing this truck until it’s finished, transmission and engine included. Would be my first complete vehicle ever, actually, unless you count those few “cars” Timbits and I worked on. Lordy, size of a small shop and as heavy as a naval carrier, with all the power of a wet fart to boot.

When i saw “MrWhite” and “Here are two of my most recent engines, both fully working and already implemented in vehicles:”, I was hoping to see a boxer engine…

WTF? well, at least we saved some honour in the BDD project. I’m glad I’m situated it Europe so that I’m partially protected from timbit’s idiocracy.

Haven’t you already made a video of that truck?

Damn this post took long.

HOLY FUCK! That is AMAZING ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We saw them the first time, no need to fucking quote the pictures.


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woops this goes here…

Hahaha i cant believe you still have that message i sent you…thats great loool but sad thing is,is that everything i said was all true…Hes fucked up but yea anyways…Nice truck :smiley: I like i can never seem to get the wheel…“AREA” curved nicely like that…Yea i remember the truck me and Shitbits worked out too…he wanted the body to be sooo square…i atleaste made it have some dimension lo

I have to agree with you there, this needs wheels.

I didn’t see them, so stop being an ass, he makes cool stuff.