Post your favorite Gmod Videos!

Here’s what you do: Post a funny, epic, or watever video that has something to do with Gmod! Post who it was made by and what the title is. Here’s mine:

Title: Heavy and Scout think they’re birds. By:RubberFruit.

Note: You can post more than 1 video if you’d like. :buddy:

No offence, but that was… creepy.

What the fuck??? i am at a loss for words

Well 'aint that beat all? It’s just some of the fine work of Rubberfruit. :stuck_out_tongue:


REMINDER: Please post YOUR FAORITE GMOD VIDEO! Please refrain from responding to my favorite video without posting your video. Thanks, bai. :buddy:

Coolface, made by TigerBoyPT, though the idea is an internet meme.


That was wierd and hilarious at same time.

that video was made by none other than MaxOfS2D ofcourse.

I didn’t make this what are you talking about