Post your favourite mods/addons/contraptions

This is my favourite one:

Reason: It’s awesome and funny to play with

ATTENTION: The only purpose of this thread is to help:
[li]Modders: By showing what people like[/li][li]Downloaders: By showing interesting mods that might not be easy to find[/li][/ol]:hurr:

You should restrict people from posting Wire and PHX, as they are very, very common.

Smartsnap should be standard in gmod, its such a nice mod

I never realized that it has over one hundred thousand downloads!

anti fusion generator over-loader circuit

IE: shuts down fusion reactors if coolant drops below a set value so it dont go fusion bomb.

usually caused by prop pushers and mings

Also forgot to add: The thing you are posting needs a link or a special Garrysmod link (you can get the special link from the bottom of the page using the box with “Forums” next to it). Although if it is a dead mod but still works, you can just tell us anyway.

So handy :buddy: