Post Your First Screenshot Ever

I want to see what you guys did when you began gmod.
(If you changed your computer, just put the first one on the new computer)
(No edited pics please)

I lost my other one but here is my second.

This is embarrassing. Sgt.Taters is my Steam name by the way.

i didn’t really use to keep my pics, but i do have really old ones

here are some from mid 07 or 08 if im not wrong…

War of the Servers

Lighting Test

Some shit for some guy

oh fuck. nostalgia

Captured from my mobilephone actually, before i buy gmod i made a few tests at an internet cafe.


1000 post, yay.

Yeah, First thing I ever made on Gmod pretty much. Only had Portal and Gmod :wink:

Uploaded it to Bebo, but other wise it’s long gone.
As you can see there is me playing with the paint stool in the background :smiley:

The first I can find:

Huh, I’m surprised it didn’t look that bad. no use of editing either.

This is like my third or fourth.

The very first one was just a G-man with randomized face emotion :slight_smile:

This is one of my first…

  • Couldn’t find the 1st one, so I posted this one

First screenshot ever.
True fact

These are the first ones I took on my new computer.

My friend and I were trying to make a real pose, but we never finished and these pictures are all that remains of it. That’s him, I took the pictures.

EDIT: They’re working now.

looks really recent from the looks of the models and map

Damn can’t remember when that was.

I made mine in V3 but dont got it anymore

^From a comic I was making but never finished.