Post your funny RP stories

As long as it’s funny somehow, even if it’s horribly crude, tl;dr-inducingly long, shittily written, whatever. Just post it if it has the slightest scrap of humor.

Er-- Why’s the woman hanging over there? I can’t find this funny in any way :stuck_out_tongue:

She was a resistance member.

Oh god, excellent.

I find it funny =( It was Saphira after all.

But she had so much money

it was not funny at the time but this guy stole my name on RP i was called “lemons” and he called himself “lemon” and by some power of mind control he got the whole server to believe that i was the one prop blocking although it was him i got pissed off and logged off and came back about 5 mins later and he was like SEE THE PROPS ARE GONE AFTER HE LEFTS! everyone agreed and from then on when i was doing something such as walking roof tops he would go “OMG HES PROP CLIMBING” i defended myself but no one believed me and finally they locked me into a corner

later that day i told the admin i had rang the police and report a abuse complaint and he banned the person after of which i told him i hadn’t really called the police he gave me a slap on the wrists and that was that

maybe that was not funny?

I just had the police chief guarding my illegal drug shop

I was a CP in an old HL2RP server. I thought it’d be cool to have a helicopter fly over the plaza delivering rations, but then it crashes, leaving all the rations on the ground and the Combine would have to keep all the citizens from taking them.

Citizens totally ignored the CPs, so we just shot them.

I went and bought a crappy apartment. i dident like it. i sold it. i came back and bought it. i looked
in the closet. i see a money printer. $$$ =DDD

Well, I was a hobo with other 10 people (Wierdly, there wasn’t any class limit, exept for the GunDealer), first we were all in one wooden house beggin for money, people didn’t liked us so they pushed us to the sewers, but some people came with us and we were a fucking city under donwtown (If you came to the surface, there was only a few people), then someone had the brilliand idea of going up, rebel and kill them all and ruined all the fun :saddowns:

Also in before DarkRP wars/chases

SRG Story:
So, I’m admin on SRG’s Roleplay server. I’ve had a couple recurring characters:
Demonic, a Demon Lich from hell trying to either destroy the world with a giant missile or take over the city. Otherwise known as the Guardian of Damnation.
The Milkman, a master thief that will milk you of everything (And I mean everything! Props, moneyprinters, anything that wasn’t a door or a wall I would take.) and occasionally start a thieves’ guild.
Trebor Ossymn, My main character that usually fits into Gun Dealer or other merchant, Police Officer, Military Police, and sometimes Mob Scientist (I would spawn rollermines for the Mafia to use.).
(Trebor Ossymn is sometimes Private Ossymn, Sargent Ossymn, or Officer Ossymn.)
Jazmine Ossymn, Trebor’s sister who just does her duty as a citizen.
Demonspawn, one of Demonic’s minions, usually trying to resurrect Demonic with 8 souls (I only played him once but I plan on playing him again when I acquire enough money.) so he will be near-unstoppable.

Now, I was playing as Demonspawn on rp_downtown_v2. I had the furniture store disabled and used it as “The spire”, using it as my place as business. I go on and try to collect my souls (On guy I had to pay 80k, damnit.) to resurrect Demonic so he could take over the mortal world. I succeed using the eighth soul as my own (I only had 2k left.) and use an admin-only class that uses flechette guns and admin guns. I then use “!sethealth Dem 900” and use the people who’s souls I bought as my army. We raid all buildings, excluding the sewers, until the server owner comes and also goes the admin-only class. (I was Demonic with my job set to “Guardian of Damnation”). Now if oyu don’t know, Server owner of SRG is Sarykos. So Sarykos Sets their RP name to Guardian Sarykos and job to “Guardian of Redemption” I think. Another admin (Named Genesis) sets their job to “Guardian of creation” I think.
So basically, it was a 3 way war of Deities. Went on for about 30 minutes.

I was on the map rp_c18_v2 or something like that and I owned a bar in the slums area, so I guess I left the doors unlocked and a cp came in while I was in the bathroom with my printers. So he asks me what i’m doing in there because it was suspicious and I just told him that I was taking a dump and he said “oh ok sorry about that” and left. It was hilarious at the moment, but yeaaah…

Hey how’s it hanging?


…With guns…

I’ll call it a minority of countries in Africa.

Back in TnB I went through a combine checkpoint, while being pat down and asked my name and CID, I said, “Man with a gun, 1337.” When the CP unit was like wat I promptly turned around and shot him point blank in the face.

Good times, guys, good times.

Doing something like that would get you banned now, since you have to actually RP it so that the other person has a chance.