Post your ~funny workshop comment stories (many imgs)

So the shit that gets you mad thread got spammed with these and making a new thread for it was brought up.

Here are some from my cs scripts

How do read? help

This is Steam and not the Steam Workshop but

Okay, so on the Steam store page of Garry’s Mod, there’s a screenshot of my TTT server, which is kinda cool. Someone saw this and commented on my co-owner’s Steam profile about it and then tried to add him. He declined the friend request since he doesn’t like random adds. The guy who commented then removed his initial comment and this happened. Read from bottom to top, obviously

Uh I got cool stuff on my profile too

I honestly can not tell if real or not

‘how do i install this’

time to go find that stupid gtav playermodel addon to dig up the gold me and dissolution found

The way the people on Steam talk reminds me of a bunch of Neanderthals.

Also not to mention the countless comments saying “How do I install?” when there’s literally a big subscribe button in the middle of the page.

I feel like making a thread sim out of these; it will certainly make for some laughs.

Well this is my profile since I’ve never released anything.


You can jeep? I can’t jeep but I know a guy who can jeep

Sorta related.

Comment of the year.

My best story so far.

Ah, ah, ah…Bronies…Do they never learn?

Just being an obsessed fan with it says mental problems.
And im not saying this because “HURR PONIES R GAY”.
I’ve watched it (have little cousins and they wanted to watch it when i babysat) and… its not good, i dont see how it appeals to adults.