Post your Garry's Mod Hours

My real time is 726, but I made this for fun to mess with my friends to steam.
I know it’s kinda easy to see that it’s photoshopped, but hey, they didn;t notice!

111.8 hours

209.4 hours



55.5 hrs / 2664.1 hrs


724 hrs and i still havent learned wire =(

2400 hours, 150 in the past two weeks, and I don’t even have PHX and Wire installed. :3:

How do you live with no wire?


559.1 hours :ohdear:

I’ve not got any hours on record…when did they start tracking?

I haven’t played in what must be well over a year and a half. Which is stupid because i’ve got loads of gmod videos and have won a wegame competition with one, lol.

3360 Hours? ^^ not bad : ) , i play it everyday like 8-10 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Record in 2 Weeks are 216 Hours Gmod : )

345.6 but i think i got more i played gmod two years ago alot where they havent counted the total match of hours played those days

9.6 hrs / 237.9 hrs on records for steam.

			 				 					430 hours on record for xfire

So… I’ve played gmod for probably double the time xfire says, since I used to leave it off all the time…
So maybe 890 hours?

147.7 d:


77.9 hrs / 1622.9 hrs


And I’ve had it since August '08 :3

332.3 hrs
got it in 2008

28.5 hrs / 1778.1 hrs