Post your ideas for any type of map/mod.

Hey guys!

So, I am feeling very productive, but not creative in the slightest bit. I have absolutely no ideas for what I could do. So, I’m doing this now.

I want you guys to post your ideas for a map or mod for any Source game. Preferably it would have some sort of story with gameplay ideas, but if you just have a good idea for a map, I could try to work in a story myself. If you guys have had any ideas you thought were great but you never really had anyway to make them, please, tell me them. I’ve had four-five years of experience in Hammer, so really the only limitations would be what source can do.

If any of you fellow mapper have any ideas that you don’t think you’ll ever get around to but want to be made, put them here. Seriously guys, I’ll take anything.

I think I’ll put the best three ideas up for a vote at the end, and the winner is what will be made.

So yeah, guess that’s it. Tell me your ideas! :dance:

Request section, there is alot of projects… or somewhere here is thread with many fascinating locations and photos, i cant just now remember the name

Edit : here we go

I’ve looked around in the request section. Really not many ideas, not many threads there. And yeah, I’ve seen that, it helps but still, I have no ideas for what I would even do with them, which is really what I’m looking for.

Look at the pimpage maps see if any inspire you to create something.

you can try drawing some inspiration from the reference image thread:

You could always join the mapping competition.

Thanks guys for your suggestions. I might just join the competition. :smile: