Post Your "Mat_queue_mode" Results (Gm Edition)

mine were a black screen and a failure message

-1 is default
2-dual core
3-tri core

I think added support would be nice from garry

I think it always fails, I get a black screen and failure message.

mat_queue_mode does not work in Gmod. Gmod is not fully source2007 and has quite a bit of older code for backwards compatibility from what I understand for people who don’t buy anything but CS:S and Gmod.

What does it do anyway?

It enables Multicore support. 2 is for quad (or more?), 1 is for duo.

1 is no multicore support, 2 is for multicore support, -1 auto-detects, get your facts straight.

I dont see why this couldnt be added to gmod, i might put it on the support site

Because programming multithreading is apparently rather hard.

LUA interpreter can ONLY run single core. If we wanted it to work then we would need compiled LUA. 'nuff said.