Post your memorable Rust experiences!

Hi all,

I’ve been going through countless threads looking for decent stories or experiences (well written and laid out ones), people have had in Rust. They’re potentially highly entertaining and everyone can benefit from the screw-ups therein. Post your most memorable experiences & and tales of epic rivalry - no half-assed trash, take the time to write it out well.

My first is from last night… I have been playing within a small group of 3-4 for quite some time now; we joined a new fresh server as the one we were on was dying. Within an hour we have killed and shot enough people to have small arms, shotguns and some light armour. Heading to the back of factory rad from the road, we see a small base being setup and hear nearby shots. After the inhabitants come out to fight us, get shot dead including one on a roof; we barricade to the roof where two of us sit waiting for them to open the door. One of the fleshies inside is taunting us with a very peculiar voice and I take note of his in game name.

After leaving, we spend the next hour killing and pillaging, occasionally one of us will die, but we end up with M4’s, Bolt-action and Kevlar. I then notice an invisible admin following around our group leader Dex - a player who has over 1000 hours in Rust, who happens to have extremely good aim, great tactical knowledge, experience and strategy.

2 hours in, we are comfortable in the new server - we hear a drop, with 3 packages; we gear up at our 1x1 which is in a cliff east of Rad-field (near tankers), and head over for a fight which will change the nature of the server since the wipe. I have 3-pieces of kevlar and leather, with a shotgun, p250 barricades and medkits. As we near the drop, the sun is dying quickly and the coast seems clear. One of us loots the first package, Dex and I head to the second - a leather approaches and gets headshot from dex’s silenced bolt before he knows what happened. I get to the second package and empty out an ammo box; we spin around to see a crowd of leathers and kevs sprinting towards us from further up the road. After a furious fire-fight lasting more than a few minutes (with the admin ever present following us around), we come out on top as we dipped straight up into the cliffs and fired down on their heads. The crowd of 8-9 players were all part of a clan who have been accusing us of hax since we joined the server. Two of them escape, but we follow them back to a gigantic village with one fortress in the middle surrounded by wooden spikes.

We break off the pursuit and head around and up into the cliffs, it is near pitch black now, but visibility is still available as these idiots have campfires all around the show, on top of roofs, on the ground and inside. We counted altogether atleast 15-20 players, many on the roof in a frantic trying to muster some forces. After waiting calmly, Dex fires and kills the first full kev on a roof, I fire down and blow the heads off two cloths and a leather, and short sprints down with his shotgun. We hear them screaming orders at eachother, but realise they still have no idea where we are firing from - they are dropping like flies at this point. They finally get their shit together and congregate at the foot of the cliff. We move around and down towards them… Dex lines up a shot and me and short move in close enough for a one-hit with shotgun; synchronizing our fire through team-speak, 3 more drop dead, I get hit in the head, throw down a barricade and heal while Short and Dex annihilate the rest.

We loot everything we can, and head back to our 1x1 which is literally 1 minute run away across the road in the cliff (opposite rad field). What ensues next is simply utter hilarity.

The chat is filled with Smems (the name of their clan tag), bitching at the admin that we’re shooting through walls, through rocks, that we’re invisible, no recoil ect ect. The admin (who is clearly smart and mature), requests proof for their claims; we stay silent. The Smems, bereft of proof (or aim) begin abusing the admin (who had been following us around invisible watching us)… badly; they all get banned. Dex gets banned, but the admin adds him and joins our TS to explain that he was banned only to diffuse the situation, as we had upset ALOT of players, but he knows there are no hacks.

We ended up going back to the Smems base, and raiding it for everything we’d ever need until the next wipe… until we built a makeshift base to store all of our stuff, which was raided while we left the server / went afk temporarily to eat dinner. Raided by the chumps who lived behind Factory.

…back to the stone age

Pinnacle: Admins aren’t always abusive, power-mongering control freaks. Some are more often than not, playing the way an admin should be, quietly watching the wolves and dispensing cold hard justice where it is due.

That was an amazing story, i met the smems clan once, went a little like this me: kills smems guy with P250 SMEMS: “ERMAGERHD ROOSTER IZ HACKER, ADMIN BAN HIM, ALL MEH FROINDS WULL KULLYOU!!!”

I could go into these more, but theres too many. But, here we go.

First day I played Rust, I spent 10 minutes talking to a zombie on mic thinking it was a real person.

My first experience of someone trying to raid me while I was in the house was a group of 13 year olds who were trying to hatchet down a wood wall.

I used to be terrified of hackers, because I’d see them flying in the sky far off in the distance from my base with no clue of where I was located on the map.

I met my 3 other base-mates the first night I was playing rust at like 11pm (about 5 hours into the game) by them coming up to me with a big group of people, saying “RPD GET ON THE GROUND” and them hearing a girls voice. So after a few minutes later I ran around with them pretty much doing what they did to me, but acting like an assaulted victim. (My friend would be like “DID YOU RAPE THIS GIRL?!?!” on mic, it was hilarious). Really fun night.

My friends and I raided some guys base, and they were hiding inside scared while we were taunting them to open up their upstairs doors (since we were out of c4) and a few days later we all became friends and still play together.

The first time trying to help friends build a brand new base, we got it up and everything. The next day I logged on for about an hour, logged off for 10 minutes, and when I got back our server (US East Coast 3) had rolled back. The next time I logged off, and while my friends were building it korean hackers killed and griefed them. The next time we tried another spot, and a hacker killed two of us on guard, but didnt take the house parts thankfully. That was like, a week and a half just trying to build a simple wood base, lol. (I spent hours on end a day hitting trees because, Ballzack Valley doesnt have many nodes and I was kind of new lol)

Thinking I could get rocks from terrain rocks.

I hope I think of more to add, but that’s about it for now!
I’ve had a great time playing with the people I met (Started as a solo player). Cheers to MagustheGreat, Snowbright, and FPS-Moose~


You basically summed up every Smems ‘argument’ in chat. It was hilarious watching them dig their own grave deeper… and deeper…

They’re one of those clans who try to recruit every noob in a server and give them full gear… an admins worst nightmare, as it inevitably ruins the server.

they are a good source of entertainment but.

-First day of playing Rust.

Spawned in an open field with little to no resources spawning in, and spent around an hour killing animals just to eat and be hungry again before being able to find another. Used a nook in a rock to hide in, and since I was playing on an official server, I ended up never leaving the area because users were consistently trying to kill me. I managed a sleeping bag, and logged off.

-Second day of Rust

Miraculously, I was still alive the next day after logging in late as I had work that day. Another hour passes managing to keep alive, and I finally find enough stone to create a basic hatchet. Found another new guy, and for about 20 minutes we began working together to create a house before a man with a pistol showed up and blew him away, and forced me to run away. So night time comes around, and I run into this group of 3 being attacked by a bear. I help them out, and pass around what little food and bandages I had, so they let me in their group.

That was all well and good, until I discovered I could make a bow. The moment my bow was created and I equipped it, the 3 others in the group decided to bash my brains out for it. 1st survival run - less than 4-5 hours of game time, and I had already lost faith in trying to make friends. Took me quite a while before I finally started looking for friends again.

I have many story in my 600+ hours of Rust, but a favorite is this;

I was wondering around, I put all my stuf away and suicide and choose respawn (not at camp).
It’s what I do a lot, just start naked gather stuff and hope you make it back to base.
So as said I was just wondering around, and came across a large decayed base. At times there are a lot of decayed bases around as people come and go.
So fixed my self some barricades and large wood storages.
As I climb up the building I found nothing, bummer! Someone got here first I guessed.
Then I came to the furnace area of the base, next to the pillar I saw a small stash.
Opened it… 15 C4!! Omg the joy I felt incredible, and then the tension to get it back to base.
It was an amazing find, the other scavengers missed it!

Now I always look in every corner.

You never know…

On one of the official servers, i was running on a road with a shotgun, when i stumbled upon a guy. We both stopped and stared at each other, me aiming at him (cus you can never be sure about the intentions) when the guy started shouting

  • “No! No!”.
    I said “Just move away man, Im not gonna hurt you”.
  • “No! No!”
    He started to run around me - “No! No! No!”
  • “Just go, leave…”
  • “No! No! No!”
    I shot in the air
  • “No! No! No!” and kept running around me…
  • “Just go!”
  • “No! No!..”

this went on for some time… So i just walked away.

Another time i had just a pistol, discovered some abandoned base with furnaces, so i used them to smelt and create some ammo. Someone came in, i was hiding under the stairs. Long story short, there was some shooting at each other, when the guy ran out of ammo and started to run away. I went after him and yelled “Wait, I just wanna talk!” , then did some Evil Dead crazy laugh, indian war chant etc… the guy was really pissed, I kept chasing him for some time, doing all sort of batsht crazy noises, he occasionally yelled at me "leave me alone you fing wierdo". I lost him somewhere after 5min of chasing, mainly because i was laughing so hard…

Another time me and my friend were in the small resource valley, gathering resources at night, when we saw a light in an abandoned base. Some newcommer took it as a night shelter, but managed to close himself with a wooden door there. It was 5 stories tall, with windows. We came to the base, started hatching at the walls shouting “are you alone?” “come out and play!” … he was watching us from the window and clearly terrified and after a while yelled at us “Leave me alone you sadistic bastards!”. The goodness in our heart prevailed in the end and we left him alone, he didnt probably have much to loot anyway :slight_smile:

Finally, inspired by Rust Diaries, we built a creepy postapo Church of Atom in the small resource valley. Opened 24/7, we invited pilgrims from the whole island by chat to get some food and night shelter. In the main hall of the church, seats were made of crates, all filled with bloodbags. On the altar made from workbench was a dead body. Unfortunately only the admin came for a service, since the server was low pop and all the people were fighting around hangars all the time. Two days after the server was wiped anyway, but it was still fun.

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Oh and one more. We were on this server for some time, got to know the admin a little bit. We built a small cosy house near the resource pit, the admin occasionally dropped by admiring our american gothic style of the building, asking if we need something etc, which we refused and frankly were happy when he went away, cus im never comfortable around admins, when you never know what might they do with their powers if they get too bored. After some time, we managed to have enough material and blueprints to finally craft the divine C4 for the first time in our Rust history. We made four of them and picked this huge project-like building next to a road close to hangar. We got in and already in the first floor, we found more C4. Thanks to this we could progress to upper floors where we found another C4 and so on, finally we raided the whole bigass base, got all the loot we never even dreamt to get. For security reasons, we placed a wooden door to the entrance of the base, so no one can surprise us. We had to make around three runs back to our base, to bring there all the precious loot and were superhappy about this exceptional success, cus we are usually the ones who get f-ed by other players.

Ten minutes after that a message from the admin appeared on the chat: “Whoever raided my base, Im gonna find you and KILL YOU!”. We had absolutely no idea it was the admins base, but this experience is written in gold letters in my Rust bible untill this very day :smiley:

Just started the game it was my first night and I was living in a shack. Upno returning from a day of farming resources I stumple upon 4 guys outside my friends base that was maybe 100 yards from mine and proceed to ask whats up? the 4 guys respond with them saying theyre raiding my friends and ask me if I know them. I reply “no” and laugh acting like what they’re doing is awesome so they don’t suspect me being friends with these guys.

I run to my house and my other friend who is also mutual friends with the guys getting raided tells me to run home as those other guys were out raiding our mutual friends. I explain to him how they were cool with me and didn’t shoot me or anything and tell him to give me a shotgun and some ammo.

  I add my friends that are under attack on steam and warn them of what i'm about to do. As I walk over to there house I am again greeted by the griefers fucking with my friends. The leader of there grief group asks me if I have a shotgun on me. Im kind of stunned thinking maybe its on my hip since I had it on my inventory (I was new). But held my ground and said "no just a pick axe". He then proceeds to tell me how he was just making sure because hes seen some people act like they're not friends and then come back to rescue them. I started to pee myself at this point because this guy was about to have exactly that happen to him.

  As night dawns I have my torch out so I can see a little better and get a good aim before I whip it out. I get right next to him and then switch to my shotgun(making everything pitch black at this point) and blast that mofo back to metal valley, his friends turns and I am quickly gunned down. As I sit at the respawn screen I hear 2 doors open then a suddenly violent succession of the loudest gunfire(my friends coming out guns blazing). They cleared the lot and the greifers retreated, my friends thanked me and we had a good laugh about how dumb the guy was. They gave me a bolt action and after that went down ive been addicted to this game because that was fucking awesome.

This one time I found a bolt action in a box. It was cool I guess.

Oh yeah, and the head admin on Rustville banned me due to a VAC ban I have on one of my alt accounts, telling everyone I was hacking.

So yeah.

Back when there were only Official Servers available and there were about 100-150 players on all the time…

About 20 of us create an alliance, built three large bases in hacker valley. We got attacked by 15 Frenchies. It was amazing to watch 15 guys in full kev running down the hill to hacker valley. With our three bases, we had the high ground and fended them off in the middle of the valley. Not one of them even made it close enough to touch our bases. They put down nearly 40 barricades in that field to have some cover. We alerted our buddies from over the hill and about 7-8 of them came from the North and flanked the Frenchy scum!

This was a good day. has the recording of it.