Post your non-standard Hammer layout!

Some of you guys can’t be using the default Hammer layout so let’s see it!

This is my single-screen layout. (1920x1080)

Dual screen layout.

So how about you guys?

I use the default because im a default guy D:

Most normal people keep it to the default one so you can easily find the stuff but whatever.
I keep my one on the default one for that reason^^

Ohh, the Dual Monitor idea is a good one. If I had a bigger desk I’d probably do that. How do you separate the little viewing windows?

Very carefully.

I finally gave up and did it a bit hacky. Window-> New Window, and then that will create a popped out 4 viewport thing. I then resize it so only one viewport is visible and resize the overall viewport in the way I want.

I have dual monitors, but I keep it on the normal layout, do you recommend putting the 3d view or something on my left screen, and my working tools on my wider right one?


That is really bad looking. Looks like it will impede your progress quite a bit.

Remove the Selection group if you don’t use it that much and drag the Entity box down and you’ll get way more space.

I put the 3d on the left screen because the colors are so much more richer and brighter than my right monitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was asking what I should do. :v:

My left monitor holds my desktop with a res of 1024x768 While my right has a res of 1680x1050 and is just an extension of my desktop. Should I use my smaller monitor for my 3D view and my large widescreen for my working space - I pretty well just gave myself an answer “yes” right there, but I wanted your opinion.

This 2 monitors stuff is crazy shit but I’ll stick with default. Huge fucking pic.

My windows are different, top right is y/z, bottom left is x/y.

Go with what works best?


Jesus christ that looks bad on two monitors.

Now that I think about it, it kinda does.

kinda? :v::v::v::v::v:

My layout.