Post Your Own "EVIL" Pose

Just a pose I made for fun and I was bored :devil:

Blood spam.
Horrible bloom.

Why would you expect this to inspire people to post their own “evil” pictures?

Pro tip: guys with 20 posts shouldn’t make “post your” threads in the screenshots section.

this looks of Horse shit

this smells of horse shit

It seems that the blood gushed with such force that made the small recesses in the walls

Chesty, its evil because it shows all the things that are heresy in screenshoots, all the things you need to avoid, IT SHOWS THE FILTERS EVIL!!


Filter rape, k

I like how all but 1 of the “dead bodies” are just plopped down ragdolls.

bad pic, good thread idea

“haha! I have defeated you all with my sharpen and horrible bloom!”

what the fuck.

There is a topic for this shit already.


More under the “Psychotic Mother fuckers” category, the shocking poses thread gets interesting around the third page.

k =d

Ill get a picture wait


Lol everyones flaming me for my first pic thread.

Thanks guys. ALOT.

It is unfortunately true that we don’t have mercy for the newcomers.

It is more the unnecessary thread argument. We have
a “shocking pose thread”,
a “want to post your pic but don’t want to make a thread thread”,
a “sex pose thread”,
a “troll post thread” and so on.

People feel there are enough threads around. But I will post here if I could come up with something really evil. Not blood and gore evil. That belongs in the Shocking Pose thread.
Any evil pose without blood and gore would soon become dull. How many ways can a man stand there looking evil?

You think controversy is bad? This helps you to make better screenshots.