Post your problems with servers.

Noobonic Plague DarkRP -
Spawning grounds of the mingebag army. Gameplay includes running around with running speeds 3x normal, buying shitloads of guns, and robbing the bank by prop blocking it with 20 steel bunker doors. Highest amount of fun I’ve ever had there was when a guy was actually RPing as a bus driver and playing music. We had about 6 people on the bus and we were just talking to eachother while the bus driver was driving around. servers -
Shitty stolen gamemodes and fake players. How much money does the server hoster lose a month by opening a 64 player server with 2 people on it at average?

Only the original was good. Now it’s just gang RP where everything revolves around growing marijuana. Usually runs maps that burn your eyes out such as the first evocshitty or the shitty gang wars edit of downsyndrometown.

Pretty fun compared to everything else. Gets pretty old.

DarkRP -
I like the DarkRP where they played new maps every couple of days, and they only had a little amount of jobs, and they were needed jobs (medic, police officer, mayor, citizen). Now it’s all run on downsyndrometown_v2. DarkRP itself is no problem. The servers I join restrict creativity. Max prop limit like 10, what the hell am I supposed to built with 10 props? Maybe that’s all I need for a gun shop or to protect money printers, but what if I want to do something else than guns and money printers? Maybe I want to build Hobo Town in the grass area of downsyndrometown_v2, which I have done before, it was very fun. Maybe I want to build a rehab center and require anyone arrested for the use of drugs to go to rehab. Servers often have retarded things like a Batman job or a Ninja job or a Thief job. Whenever I build a building that is interesting out of phx props, everyone has the need to run in and run out just to check to see if I have money printers. The admins are sometimes good, but they often just abuse their job. When I was an admin of an DarkRP server, I tried to do stuff that invited gameplay other than moneyprinters and guns. I built hobo towns, rehab centers, strip clubs, bars, speakeasies, concentration camps, hotels, cottages (in the grass part of downsyndromtown), forests (same place), cyber cafes, and more. But nobody has the same creativity as I. All that they try to build is gunshops and huge ass money printer forts made out of 8x8 money printer props. The most creative thing I have ever seen built was an automatic gunshop, and I fucking hate those things. I remember when servers had jobs like
My dream DarkRP server :
Prop limit : 30-50
Map rotates every day or changes occasionally.
Average population : 15-32
Tools : Unbreakable, Easy Precision, and Stacker
Mods : PHX, PC Mod, Realistic CSS weapons OR Madcow weapons, Durgz mod (I know it’s not that good, but it’s better than selling only guns)
It needs to have admins constantly on.
PM me if you have a server like this.

They have their own box. Plenty of communities do.

Yeah, we can all have dreams, buddy.

Noobonic Plaugue does have a lot of minges on it, however it has active admins on almost 24/7, great updates and add-ons, and keep in mind it’s NOT SeriousRP. The owner has stated many times that he strongly dislikes Serious Roleplay. In my experience, it’s more of a casual server to play on. Your other observations are pretty much 100% correct.

Noobonic has alot of custom events that spice things up. And by the way props can be destroyed, so having an epic bankrobbery isn’t a thing to complain about


No but really, have you even PLAYED on it?

I thought this was a thread about problems in server hosting, not some random guy dissing a bunch of servers. :saddowns:

xP// Build is shit. Their admins suck and their server is laggy and crashes all the time

i’m sending them an angry letter

Well, maybe if you played on NoobonicPlague more than a day, you’d realize the fun is not in the roleplay (Dark RP being real RolePlay?! SINCE WHEN?)
Idiot, think of it this way: 60+ people with 30 props? It’d crash without a doubt.
Dark RP is Drugs + Money Printers + Cars, etc. Low amounts of real roleplay.

None, my good sir.
(We have been arround for a while though now.)

your community and servers are shit
just admit it