Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come one, come all and take a trip back in time! Go as far back as you can and post a few select pictures from your humble origins! It’s amazing! It’s splendid! And it’s last but not least, mildly harmful to your self-esteem! Wowee!

Oh and please, for the love of god. Media tag your big shit, k?

as you can tell, i am a comedic genius


Don’t be timid! don’t be shy! post your own beginnings, and please don’t cry!

Holy fuck i found my first ever pose. i can’t even remember making it


My first ever pose:

This was my third pose I think:

you faggots have got to be kidding me

those were your first poses? COME ON WHERE ARE MY V2 SEX POSES

I found some more.


i did lots, i ahvent got many of them

My first pose! You just can’t forget it.

That was on Gmod challenge known as Mingeface.

old and shit

Lemme track down my sex pose i made like 500 years ago

im digging through my old save games

i think i have a few there

Somewhere in early 2007, one of my first poses.

i love these idiots that think v7 and 8 count as “really old shit”
sorry, morons, get out of this thread and leave it to the professionals who were around pre-buff pylon.

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Thank you sir may I have another.


Also, I might be able to find some Shitty mc. Shitter-poses in my folder.


Was going to be in my movie ‘28 Servers Later’ but I scrapped it for a different intro.
2 guys were escaping a house after it got attacked by zambies… It zooms in on their friend that died in a few screenshots before.

I couldn’t find my really old shit, so here is some unreleased random stuff, most of it is pretty old though.


And some pics I made with DMGaina in multiplayer, at 5 am.

Unfortnately I lost screenshots before Gmod 10 and even before source07 update.

It’s kinda old.