Post Your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Map/Reference Pics!

Pretty much what the title says, make anything you want in hammer from S.TA.L.K.E.R. It does not have to be an entire map, it can just be a specific location like mine.

I will start off.

I made it fairly quickly and some of the displacement are a little wacky. I am currently making a second version that is much better than this.

This is a source mapping forum.

And that’s a source map.

And that it is.

It’s actually source, using the content ripped from stalker for HyperGaming Network’s Stalker Roleplay server.

The second pic is source.

Where’d you guys get it?

You can’t call it “our content” unless you made it.

We got the stalker content from another person directly. He ripped it for us. Kudos to him and GSC for making the stuff to begin with. It’s was wrong for me to say “our content”, it was unintentional though.

There is a few packs on that contain textures and models. They are not tagged very well so it’s next to impossible to find them.

Mistake fixed. GSC’s content.

Looks too good for Source.

Redone version. Still adding more flora. I think the ripped up ground is much better scaled and shaped.

If you are wondering, those are displacements, PM me if you want to learn how to do that or anything related.

very nice!

You should work on that cliffline behind it a bit, doesn’t look natural at all, and is spoiling the view for me - a few nice 2d cards of trees would probably be better fitting to make the map feel bigger…

That being said, I am commenting on the realism of a map with a huge fuckoff hole ripped in the ground by supernatural forces.

Sweet mother i couldn’t tell the difference for a while. Nice work, keep expanding and we might have a rival for gm_fallout. Also could you post the models/textures you ripped please?

oh yeah and ive only added detail to the beginning so yeah,it pretty much looks crap in the end :v:

Quite short,watch in HQ or it will look raeptastic

im going to keeeeeeeeeeeeeel you!

Fuck that door sound off
make those ppl less crispy chicken sounding!

It only sounded weird cause ZD recorder never records audio the way it should .

Okies :smiley:

Dunno where you’ve have been, but somebody sort of beat you to the punch.

And it uses non ripped content.

You can do amazing stuff with source.

Don’t think that Episode Two is the best, that can be done with OB-Source.