Post your screenshot/posing ideas here.

Well, I bet we all find ourselves totally blank on posing ideas sometimes.
So in here, you all just post posing ideas, so anyone who wants can use them, sounds good?
Alright then, I’ll start.

-Rainy sword fight, with like dramatic lighting and all…

That’s all I got for now :v:

now you guys go.

Huge fucking battle with CP’s VS Citizens with stun sticks and crowbars.

A Matrix kinda fight, shockwaves flying around from the punching and kicking.

A guy sitting on his coverless bed in a small dingy room with a pistol on his lap thinking about killing himself.

Soldier leaping from the roof of Sawmill with a black glowing broadsword ready to slice an enemy Heavy in half.

Some future bikers flying through a future city on hoverbikes running from the cops and firing rocket pistols everywhere.

Lots of explosions inbound.

World War 2 mexican standoff with dual wielding K98 in a snowstorm. If someone makes that pose, I will do the edit.

A soldier standing on screen aiming his gun.

Yes thats just what I needed.
Im always out of ideas.

Also my idea:
A non-generic zombie pose.

Devil medic shunning Halo heavy.

Redo these as they suck cos i made them :stuck_out_tongue: :

I just watched “FAQs about Time Travel” (epic movie) and there’s a certain scene thats something like this:

All the characters are in a pub, there are multiple versions of the main characters in certain places, it’s kinda hard to explain, watch the movie and you’ll see.

Cyborgs vs rebels

I bet this was helpfull to someone, so i’m just gonna bump it to keep the helpfull coming.

I can do that when I get my Dark Messiah installed and sent over the models to my other account. You’ll do the edit, I presume?

HairyBastards, Now THAT it a good Idea :smiley:

Sorry, but… No…
Suicide in general is the worst Idea ever! That’s what I learned from the movie business…
It’s overused, boring, and depressing…

How about… I make and I edit? :smiley:

A bayonet charge


Civil war line battles

Helghast poses. That is all.
Or some epic Vietnam scenebuilds.

Airplane engines killing zombies with m60s and RPGS while taking off

Will the zombies be aiming guns?