Post your servers!!

I just wanted everyone that has a server post the ip in this thread so we can all come play and have lots of fun. :slight_smile:

With the current exploit going around i dont think anyone realy wants to.

Considering NetDevil just went in another thread “I’m going to do this to lots of servers”, seems pretty daft to do so.

Anyhow, there’s a viable fix out there, anyone with half a brain and that owns a server will have this patched.

lol no i just want to see the cool servers out there its always fun to find something new ya know what i mean?

I’m pretty well secured currently, so I’m not afraid to post my server IP’s. :smug: - UK Sandbox 14 slot - UK Resident Evil server 12 slot - Seems to like crashing alot but I do try methods to make sure it doesn’t.

I’m expecting boxes. Lots of em.

i cant join them for some reason it just says server not responding wtf

How true lol

I bet YOU are the hacker.

lol no no man i just wanna have a little old fashion server fun :open_mouth: and bam btw your servers are awesome to use baconbot on lol i play there all the time :slight_smile: