Post Your Silly Garry's Mod Poses Game :D

Okay, let me get this straight, this is NOT a porn pose thread.
If you don’t find your own poses funny, don’t post them.
They CAN be pointless, but they MUST be silly.
And they MUST be GMod!

Rules: Someone posts a picture, and you have to guess whats going on (I don’t care what you say, just say something).

Here is an example:

Someone posts:

And then you would say, “He’s at McDonalds.”,or,“Fast-food addict!”.

Start posting, have fun!

This sounds dumb.
We already have a troll poses thread.

-snip, ninja’d by Garfield-

Except this is more of a fast thread, where you have to guess what the bloody hell is going on in this pic:

We dont need more troll pose threads.

This thread is silly.

silly thread