Post your stuff

post a youtube vid of a map your proud of! i like seeing those types of videos on fp threads.
inspires me and others from what i’ve seen… show me your shit.

Edit :

heres some rules that noone will follow anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Please try and post more videos than talk about off topic stuff
  2. pictures are also welcome
  3. (this isnt a rule) yes this thread is pretty much like the map pimpage thread… except i am aiming for more videos than speech.

This is supposed to go in FAST THEADS!!!


Not in mapping!!!

are you sure? because it has a lot to do with mapping :S

It still goes in Fast Threads, fast threads is for the “Post Your” threads.

Thanks… can we still keep this thread going or will that just get me banned ^^


could a mod could just move this to the proper section PLEASE.

Isn’t this what the pimpage thread is for?

This thread is fine where it is.

i thought the map pimpage thread was becoming crowded with more words than video posts…