Postal 2 weapons ported over

Decided to port over all the weapons from the default Postal 2, the Apocalypse Weekend expansion pack, and the Week In Paradise mod. Requires skin switcher



Whoever made the week in paradise mod

Running With Scissors-Default Postal 2 weapons and the expansion weapons

Me-Porting,scaling,skin groups


-The molotov and spike baton weren’t ported because applying the textures and finding the right ones was a pain in the ass

-The blood on the weapons, writing on the silenced SMG, and the charged meter on the rocket launcher are applied as skin groups, so skin group switcher is needed

Ahh the Napalm Plant…Such a pleasant, peacefu…BOOOM… -.-

Nice work, these will do excellent for some poses, now if only we could get more models of humans.

Awesome useful stuff!

hmm … good ol’ memories.
i remember there’s a postal dude model already around for gmod isn’t it? now the set is complete.

Now all we need is a cat.

There is

I didn’t make it FYI, it was just a player model I made out of it

Well both the shotgun and M16 V models had the cats on the end but only one half was fully modeled

r these sweps?!?!

pleyr modul???

yes yes! pwease make pwayer modelz

Reskeen pls

God damn it! I misread Portal 2 again …

Ahhh gas grenade launcher I remember the times I used to blow everything up and make people puke in the process.

That is one sexy… purple grenade.

I think the skin actually belonged to the Holy Grenade prop that was in the Week In Paradise mod but I couldn’t find the texture for the cross on top, so I just stuck it as a skin group on the normal grenade

I actually like it the way it is,
I’ve never played Postal 2, so I guess it won’t matter to get comfortable with that one.
Thanks man!

You should really play it, its fucked up in an awesome way

To bad the only way to buy it is through Ebay or some other site, I’ve never seen it in stores except for the Apocalypse Weekend expansion but its useless since it requires the default Postal 2

Time to partey with Mr. Napalm!

Lol, I read this as “Portal 2”

Yes, now I can go around asking for people to sign my petition.

Great job porting these models Jason! I hope someone will make a petition swep since the clipboard model is in the pack. :v: