postal admin abuse? xD

So, I came here for technical help
and I got my forum account banned?

What a customer support you have here :smiley:

I searched the forum and included the topic I found in my topic
and still I get banned for 3 days for not searching the forum?

I know postal will ban this account again and he doesnt care,
but wow, way to treat the customer, with your attitude we can solve the crisis :smiley:

I would love to see big companies to that: Oh, you came for support for game you paid for,
Here have a ban and a rotten day

(User was permabanned for this post ("can't function here" - postal))

You aren’t supposed to include the thread link in your thread, you are supposed to post in that topic instead of making an unnecessary thread.

You’re not even supposed to create another account, a ban is a ban.

I was describing why he was banned in the first place, no idea why people are throwing boxes at me.

Seriously, stop. But OT: Read the rules first next time, and this thread will probably get you banned again, not sure.

Postal is a great admin. When i bought gold to my alt account i gave 2,5 to him. He deserve.