Postal gas can.

Here’s a pic.

What about it?

Its a request.

So you want us to script you a gas can model? With text editors? Wrong place buddy.

Try the modelers :

Oh sorry lol.

wasnt that game banned in just about every country because of how fucked up it was?

It’s not that bad. I mean sure you can piss on a complete stranger, force them to give you a blow job by shouting “Get down before I shoot” (or something like that), decapitate them, kick their head away and finally commit suicide (“K” button I believe) by shoving a grenade in your mouth and pulling the pin.

Nah, seems fine to me.

I am so buying that :smiley:

They are also bringing out a Postal 3 (not sure when) for consoles as well. Fun for the whole family :smiley:

Yeah sure thing, Postal 3 is gunna be on the pc aswell, Mostly because its on valves source engine “SHOCK!”

Yeh I forgot to mention that.

I can’t wait.

One of the best games ever, also try the week end expansion pack and the other expansions.

Did anyone see the Postal movie? Eck.

One of the best movies ever!