Postal III map Pack [thread]

Postal III Map Pack!

This is basically a good portion of the maps from postal III that were edited and formatted for garrysmod. For those who dont know what postal III is, it is basically a sortof independant game from Running with Scissors. The infamous Postal dude is at it again in the city of Catharsis in this third game. The previous city called Paradise was destroyed by a zombie apocalypse and nukes. So he is now in the new city of Catharsis with returning characters such as Osama, Krotchy, and Uncle Dave. Along with them are Lieutenant Deuschbag, Angry hockey mom, and controversial director Uwe “Fucking” Boll.
As for anyone who would love to buy this game, you can buy it on steam for about $40 bucks. The game is okay, ive played through it, and admired it for its map architecture and modeling.
Enjoy the maps.

None many so far. Some maps might be a little laggy due to props, and if your missing textures, please tell me so, so i can update link with the additional content. Some of the maps might have shiny textures, which isnt necesarrily a bug, more of a nuisance.

Type mat_specular 0 in the console and wait a bit. It fixes the problem of pink and black checkered textures if you see them.

Entire Map pack and content for maps

This pack Features 9 various maps from the Postal III game. Reason that more are not here are because of decompiling reasons with the maps. Pack includes:

. the Main Menu map
. Police department
. Catharsis mall
. Catharsis Dog center
. Arcade
. Porn World (warning, some sexual content)
. Cosmetics lab
. Catharsis City hall
. Catharsis loan’s and bank

Downloads of individual maps
NOTE: You must have this for some of the materials to work, otherwise it will not work right. also im working on the lighting still



Running With Scissors
Source SDK
Half life 2

Wow thanks for bringing these to gmod. You might have just pushed me in to buying this game…the maps look awesome.

Unfortunately the game itself is pretty bad, it’s nothing like the first 2 Postal games.

Hmm I never played the first 2. Are they at least worth a look?


Most of the lights in “cw_d” are missing textures.

Will someone kindly upload it somewhere else?
Gamefront doesn’t load for me. :frowning:

I thought it looked good at first but I saw how buggy the actual game is. It seems incomplete. Might give it a try once the price goes down.

This is amazing. Hey mate, does Postal III use L4D2 Source Engine or any of the previous ones?


I think it probably does yes, i know its definitely not the half life 2 engine.

Ill try to get it on filesmelt. thanks for saying!

Didnt know that. ill try to get a fix on that. thanks!

holy fucking lord

Very nice maps.
Thank you very much, Sir.

For some reason I got alot of performance issues with shattering lag while looking at the big areas on the maps.

And sometimes I get missing textures on different objects and walls.
And yes I installed right, because if I wouldn’t have installed it right I wouldn’t see shit.

Please make a simple fix for this, this is the most usefulest map I’ve ever seen!

It’s because there are alot of props as dustils said that some of the maps cause lag where there are alot of props.

every texture with normalmaps has a pink and black checkers all over

Type **mat_specular 0 **in the console and wait a bit. It fixes the problem.

Very nice maps dustils. Thanks:smile:

Great porting, maps are full in details and useful for making any scenes.

Wow, nice mall, great work!

P…p…PORN WORLD?! :quagmire:

Woa amazing! You got my download.

WHOOP WHOOP! Thank you very much, sir! Looks amazing!

thanks for pointing that part out. i forget that was a problem with some of the l4d ports i did once before. ill add that to the top. Thanks!