Postal, y u lying.

Sorry couldn’t help myself.

Did you even read the devblog m8? They literally did not. Not a single word was said about the snow biome in that devblog other then them noting a change mad to snow on Hapis.

Maybe you need to read the devblog m8.

to be fair, that is literally the only mention of it in that particular devblog. not that there is any real need to pull him up on it :shh:

I read it actually, that was under the Hapis Island changes… The thread he posted that in had nothing to do with Hapis Island it was about bringing the snow biome back to the Procedural Maps. Nice try though.

lol next time provide context then, there are no links to the original thread, not my fault you can’t post

you said there was not a single word and i proved you wrong, simple as that lol

if the mods closed the thread then maybe you should have taken that as a sign that you’re not meant to make more threads about the same shit too


Maybe hapis is the testing map for the new snow?

Lets be serious, Hapis island has had snow since it was created, which was long before they removed the snow biome from procedural maps and it hasn’t changed at all since then, the only thing they have changed is a few rocks.

We’re getting off topic anyway, this post was simply to call out postal.

slowly awaits for postal or another mod to own me, then ban me

(User was permabanned for this post ("banned" - Orkel))

teleports behind you psht… unsheathes katana


Postal close the thread called The return of snow biome which has 64 comments and over 2k views. Can Garry please be noticed about that ? It’s very innapropriate

yeah not really anything else that needs to be said. both you and the other guy didn’t specify what kind of snow biome you were talking about, you just said snow biome period, which is actively being discussed in dev blogs so lol well done. (and nice try changing the OP too lol)