Poster Models?

I’m working on this map for Garry’s Mod, and there’s a couple ideas I had to make things a bit more fun. I’m looking for someone who can come up with some cool ideas for headshots on a poster, and make some models out of them. Can anyone help me out? Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

wait, would you want a map decal or a model?

I can hex the images onto the poster model i’ve been using once you have some. They preferably should be 512x620 pixels in size for them to look exactly right when put on the model.

Alright. I’ll try to think of some images to get on there. Not to sound stupid or anything… But is there a certain format they need to be in?
If you want to make them yourself, or wait for SilverSpirit. I would wait. He has made some excellent posters:

.bmp or .tga would be preferred but i can convert most other formats to them if needed (though these are generally the best formats for quality).

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright. Well not to sound stupid again. Lol. But how do i put them into that format?

Paint, GIMP, Photoshop. Pretty much any image editing software. Will be in the filetype dropdown list in the save window (of any of them, though Paint wont have .tga).

Thanks. I’ll go work on finding some images and get back to here. :smiley:

Okay. Well, I have the images. I just need to know how to re-size them into the resolution you need.

I’ll resize them for you just PM me the URLs ^^