Poster taking problems

I’m trying to make a poster with superDOF by binding “poster” command to a key (bind z “poster 2”) and then pressing it, after hiding DOF window, and it’s keep making that kind of shit instead of normal poster. Using “poster” via console (without superDOF) still gives normal pics. What the heck i’m doing wrong?

Effect of “poster 2”, “poster 3” makes 6 imgs, etc.

I am pretty sure this is because SuperDOF displays an image over your screen, meaning you are not doing anything wrong, posters and super DOF are incompatible with each other,

Hey I have been having this issue literally all day, I just started back up my TTT server and whenever me and a few mates load in were greeted with 0:00 waiting. It not being a visual glitch it never really starts unless I slay all of us or !forcerespawn* this happens everytime the map changes please help! May I add that we are also still walking around like were playing TTT but says were locked in spectator and when I do slay all of us and we do play and one of us i killed we vanish from the leaderboards.